In Finland, the Constitutional Council was imprisoned

In Finland, the Constitutional Council was imprisoned

The government of Social Democrat Sanna Marin should find a Plan B in Finland. The alliance they have led since the beginning of the global pandemic – the uniqueness of bringing together five young women leaders – has justified the bill for local control in Hewinki and Turkey (south-west), thus preventing the rise of the trend in Kovid. 19 Pollution. Its strategy came up against the Constitutional Committee of Parliament.


The committee considered the project to be developed “It cannot be deemed necessary by a complete violation of the proportional requirement.”, Subject to interpretation of the limitations of movements. On Wednesday evening, March 31, the government had to withdraw the text. So the Sunnah must have lost at least two precious weeks to introduce a new version. Some fear that they will lose complete control over their health.

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As of Friday, April, there have been only 846 deaths in Finland since the beginning of the crisis, with a total population of 5.5 million. Despite the recent trend (4,000 cases and 17 deaths in a week), the country is still one of the least affected countries in Europe in terms of population.

Over time, some epidemiologists fear an increase in the number of cases, if the share of variants in new infections exceeds 50%, as has happened in Ireland and other countries, as in Central Europe. “This is when Exponential growth begins”, Says Peka Noorti, a professor at the University of Temper, estimates that the rate of incidents in Helsinki (300 to 400 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week) is alarmingly high than in other European capitals.

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The expected card has so far won in Finland. Only 300 cases have been identified, and unlike Sweden, the country is limited to closing schools and non-essential businesses until March 16, 2020.

Low population density and good acceptance of barrier gestures also explain the low level of infection. But financial concerns have taken over health precautions since the summer. Right-wing parties, which have so far allied with government parties, have resumed their positions in the opposition.

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The bill, the result of several weeks of work, went into detail about the 13 exceptions to the ban on leaving home (going to work, going to school, shopping, etc.). But the Constitutional Council rejected this approach, insisting that the laws enforced should be based on proven sites of infection. Sanna Marin now focuses on measures to regulate family celebrations, home parties and shopping malls. By focusing on private bills, the new bill will hit a new constitutional wall.

On the other hand, the obligation to wear a mask in contagious disease was validated, if it was accepted by law, not by order. At the same time, the Prime Minister considers immunization to flatten the pollution curve. After Easter, people born between 1957 and 1976 can start vaccinations. On Friday, March 2, 962,000 people received at least one dose of the vaccine, or 17.3% of the population.

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