In Belfast, burning to mark as being from the United Kingdom

In Belfast, burning to mark as being from the United Kingdom

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The Northern Irish Protestant Community celebrates membership in the United Kingdom on July 11 and 12. What happened this Sunday was a traditional stabbing. The situation was particularly tense as the customs border between the province and other parts of the country was established since Brexit. Report in the Protestant District of Sandy Roy, Belfast.

From our special correspondent in Belfast, Emeline wine

Fifteen meters high is a tower of burning planks. In the crowd ” Will not surrender »: We will not give up “Jim has a beer in his hand and a British flag on the back:” Because of the customs border. It does not exist, not in the Irish Sea. Its place here between two Irelands! “, He believes.

Unionists say this border threatens the identity of British Northern Ireland. The Irish flags, on top of the pillar ready to be set on fire, do not bother Aaron, the Scotsman who comes every year.

« They want to take away what makes us British »

« We burn their flag because they are nationalist, Catholic, and a different religion than us. We do not like them. That is why it is being done among us , He throws.

All these tricks, beating Laurel from the back of her hand, show her measuring more: ” No, the flag symbolizes the fact that we reject the reorganization of Ireland that the Irish want. They want to take away what makes us British. To tell them we don’t agree. »

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The festivities continue on Monday, July 12, with parades taking place in most cities in Northern Ireland.

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