In Baghdad, Pope Francis advocates for religious, ethnic and cultural pluralism

In Baghdad, Pope Francis advocates for religious, ethnic and cultural pluralism

Pope Francis arrived in Baghdad on Friday afternoon, March 5, during a three-day visit to his homeland, on a large trip home “Symbol Journey”, A journey that seeks encouragement and solidarity “Martyr’s land for many years”. “Reason for Pride”, “Inspirational message to all”, “Historical, Religious and Human Dimensions” : Iraqi President Berham Saleh expresses strong thanks for his visit. In his words, one can hear the echo of a certain recognition. This time the visitor came to Iraq not to command, rebuke or insult.

At the airport, the first pope to visit the country was greeted by the head of the Catholic Church The Him to Joy Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadimi. A few hundred people were allowed to greet him on the side of the road leading from the airport to the presidential palace.

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The head of the Catholic Church received the white mask bagpipes and the release of the pigeons. Berham Salih, who had already met his host twice at the Vatican, forcibly put his hand on Pontif’s shoulder and blocked the white moset with the forced wind. Everyone shook hands during the presentation of the delegates, ignoring the health recommendations. The president and the pope and their translator left the mask on at their private meeting, laughing. At the end of this interview, Francis presented him with a medal representing Abraham, the patriarch of the Pilgrim Staff in the context of Mesopotamia.

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“Collaborate in agreement”

The discrepancy between the spiritual leader and the political leader was found in their speeches. As on foreign visits, Franąµ‹ois addressed political, religious, diplomatic, and economic figures gathered at the Presidential Palace. The head of the Catholic Church distills most of his political messages in front of this isopagus in general. He was no exception to this rule.

He came to the bed of a very weak Christian community and insisted on a society that would allow “Religious, ethnic and cultural pluralism” Despised “Fundamentalism”, who “Cannot accept” This peaceful co-operation between different elements. Religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity that has characterized Iraqi society for millennia. The pope insisted, It is a valuable resource for drawing, not an obstacle to remove. Today, Iraq is being asked to show everyone, especially in the Middle East, that differences must lead to unity in civilian life, rather than conflict. “

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