In an open letter, Christina Kirchner urges Argentine President to “honor his words”

In an open letter, Christina Kirchner urges Argentine President to "honor his words"

A Vice President of Argentina, Christina Kirchner, Published a hard Paper Open this Thursday (16), Explaining As Difference As President Alberto Fernandes.

In a letter published on her website and posted on her social networks, Christina claimed to have held 19 working meetings with the president at the Residency de Olivos.

“In them I pointed out that the wrong economic adjustment policy was being implemented, which adversely affected economic activity and therefore society as a whole. Undoubtedly, this would have electoral repercussions,” he wrote. “I never said that … I’m tired of saying that … not just to the president.”

In her opinion, the answer she received about “mutual claims and views” was, “When, that was wrong”, “(Sunday) election is sure to win in the primary”.

In the letter, she points out the differences, warning the vice president about journalism coming out of the “presidential environment.” Juan Pablo Beondi, Spokesman Of the President.

“I will not continue to tolerate press releases in the presidential environment,” he said, referring to the crisis that began Wednesday (15) when five ministers and other senior officials offered positions to Fernandes. “I’ll see you there (in Olivos), not in Casa Rosada. Avoid any kind of spec deal and institutional depreciation,” she said. “

“When I wrote these words, the TV turned on silently, but I read a graphic: ‘Christina Alberto in the corner’. No, it’s not me. As long as they try to hide it, (who is doing this) voters and reality,” he continued.

“After such a defeat, do you really believe that there is no need to honor your word and reorganize your government, President?”, The Vice President asked.

Christina Kirchner, Vice President from Argentina – Photo: Associated Press

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