In Algeria, Hirak supporters make a comeback on Friday, March

In Algeria, Hirak supporters make a comeback on Friday, March

As time stood still for a year, the same faces, the same flags, the same songs took over the streets. On Friday, February 26, thousands of Hirak supporters marked the resumption of the weekly marches of this anti-government protest movement, two years after the first Algiers march and a year after the protests stopped due to the Kovid Pandemic-19. “Not Islamic or secular, but a Hirakist”, Can you read in a poster where the crowd is chanting? “A civil state, not a military one! “, The slogan of the protest.
Despite the ban on gatherings for health reasons, several rallies were formed in the afternoon to reach the center of the capital, especially in working-class neighborhoods, including Bob Elud.

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Batons and tear gas

Police trucks were stationed near the main squares in the city center and filter dams were installed on several roads leading to the capital. A major road block in the way of the police and demonstrators as a symbol of ottuceralinre anti-government protesters in the capital, urged grande peasrrilettan fired tear gas and police barranukalum. A video published on the InterLigness website.

In Algiers, protesters appeared as thousands lined up until Monday On the occasion of the second anniversary of Hirak, In the opinion of witnesses. Convergence was taking place in the provinces, especially in Bejana, Kabilia (north-east) and Oran (north-west), where an academic, Kadore Chowcha, a pillar of human rights, was arrested. Release of Prisoners (CNLD). Sadz Sally, vice president of the Algerian League for Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), reported. On his Facebook pageAbout 600 people were arrested at twenty-two (prefects), most of whom were released at the end of the day.

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Concerns of the international community

Amnesty International condemned this week “Algerian authorities’ deliberate strategy aimed at crushing dissent”. “A Strategy Against Their Promises in Respect for Human Rights”, Said Amna Gullali, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa Program.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to continue talks with Algerian government in Geneva on Friday “Release everyone immediately [qui sont] Withheld for peaceful participation in demonstrations ”. M.I Bachelet, who spoke with the Human Rights Council (CHR) during the presentation of the annual report, welcomed President Abdulmadjid Tebboun’s recent decision to call for a presidential election and pardon a few dozen prisoners of conscience.

After a long hospital stay abroad, Tebboun sought to regain control and alleviate the political, social, and economic crisis that gripped the largest country, the Maghreb. “You are stirring up a revolution in our hearts that can only be extinguished by your separation.”, A group of protesters responded Friday.

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