Improves the well-being of working donkeys in Mexico

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The Donkey Sanctuary conducted research on the welfare of working horses in three states in Mexico to determine the needs of the population.

While the main activities of the donkey sanctuary are for the welfare of donkeys and mules in Ireland, the organization works for the welfare of horses around the world. Recently, the organization, in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, launched a major survey of the functioning of the equid. Several states in Mexico: Puebla, Queretaro, and Veracruz. Owners were asked to assess the condition of the horses accordingly 19 Indicators Of ‘Equipment Assessment Research and Scoping : Housing, health, working conditions, etc.

120 people are participating

In Mexico, especially in rural areas, there are donkeys and mules It is essential for the economy and to ensure the income of the family. They are commonly used in agriculture and in the transportation of people or goods. 120 owners Lent himself to the learning game. The results thus made it possible to highlight Inequality between states. For example, about half the horses had a suitable weight. In contrast, the body condition score of equids from Puebla is lower than from the other two regions. This also applies to animal health.

Possible causes of poor well-beingCommunity Animal Care knowledge and practices related to lack of available veterinary services, socio-economic limitations, climatic factors or other factors Still unknown Executive Director of Equine Operations, Research and Operational Support for Donkey Sanctuary, Drs. Faith Burden explains.

The results of this study in particular make it possibleIdentify Understand the different types of care and communities that currently provide care Perform different interventions From the owners.

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