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Improved Box Score: Cubs 4, Cardinals 1 – September 4, 2020

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Starting this five-game series with success is huge. Not that you think exactly this way, but even if the kids miss the next four games right now, they are still half a game ahead of the Cardinals. This Friday night gives me some extra comfort.

Importantly, I’m thinking about how much Darwish dominated his seven innings:

That guy is a Sai Young leader for a reason – all his pitches work, and he got 11 points. Unless he makes a big mistake, the editors have no chance.

Sadly, after weeks of long struggles, Wilson Contreras paved the way for the babies to be so beautiful to look at.

Cubs batsman Jack Flaherty was run from the get-go, and Kyle Schwarber’s seven-pitch strike-out gave tone to an innings, with Flerty throwing 43 pitches. He did not score it in three innings. When the Cardinals try to get through five game series tomorrow, including a double header, it’s not good.

So, in the Cubs bats, Jason Howard and Wilson Contreras were given special marks, placing Fleherty on the third, first and third, two outs each, and one base each. Contreras’ two at-bats ended in Reserve Bank singles.

Contreras then went deep into the game to give up the fourth run of the game, with all the credit for his bat:

For Darwish, the only thing he allowed through seven dominant innings was the regular flyball to the right, which caught the wind and caught the basket. It was the first and only basser he allowed after the top five innings:

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Full box score.

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