Impeachment- committed crimes

Impeachment- committed crimes

Yes, I believe President Trump’s impeachment has committed punishable crimes. Saturday night Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Tommy, e It did this on Fox News, The network that still exists (despite some exceptions that irritate him) is Donald Trump’s megaphone. Tommy, the top Republican on the Senate Banking Commission, will not apply again in 2022, which probably motivates him Freed from the pressures of the base, still very trumpeted (According to a Wall Street Journal poll, 54 percent of Grand Old Party voters think they are more in favor of the incumbent president than the party.)

The home ground is expanding

Tommy, the third Republican senator to point out that Trump has committed serious crimes or that he should step aside. Friday was the first time the president had demanded his resignation Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the few voices left in the party: I want him to resign, I want him out. This caused considerable damage. Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska told CBS Dismonition that the prosecution was considering inciting protesters to attack Congress on Wednesday, January 6th. I believe the president was not sworn in To defend, defend and defend the Constitution, Democrats will be able to submit indictment articles starting Monday and vote this week if the president does not step in at his or her own free will. Otherwise, Vice President Pence will not implement the 25th Amendment, As noted by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Tommy added: I do not know what the Democrats are going to send to Congress, and one thing that worries me is, honestly, that the Church can fully politicize it.

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Next steps

Going Touching Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell campaigned A memo with procedures for the second impeachment (Trump will be the first president in Congress to be tried twice in history). In McConnell’s opinion Even if the church votes next week, Until January 19, the Senate Secretary could not inform the Upper House. this means Begin the trial on Biden’s opening day, 20. According to the memo, it is not even clear whether Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will agree to preside over the proceedings, because Trump will no longer be president at the time.


Although the desire to move forward with the impeachment persists among Democrats in Congress Joe Biden, who was elected president, would be more prudent, though private, Fearing that the first part of his presidency will be overtaken by confrontation, will make it more difficult for him to carry out the reconciliation process he speaks of. For Republicans, it is not excluded, but it seems very difficult that enough (sixteen) people are ready to vote with Demi to condemn the president (the procedure requires a two-thirds majority). Donald Trump had announced on Twitter that he would not be attending the inauguration of his successor before he was permanently banned from the platform. Vice President Mike Pence seems more confident that he will be there. According to CNN, the next Pence himself, according to CNN, the 25th Amendment to the Outgoing Vice President could therefore be simpler and more volatile without the ministers sympathizing with the forced removal of the President by one more vote.

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