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Ayming is a leading international consulting firm specializing in business performance.

We are constantly developing and implementing new ways to offer our customers a more and more authentic sustainable business performance.

We advise C-Suite on their critical questions and potential in all industries and regions, supporting three main pillars: operational excellence, employee engagement, and innovation management.

For over 30 years now, we have been passionate about delivering the best results to our customers. We are also indebted to an approach that integrates our consulting experience and perspectives into practical action and human approach.
We use our skills to help customers make the best business performance decisions that can save them time and money. It leads to better results for everyone involved and gives clear short and long term results through a multi-professional approach. The success of the Aiming approach is reflected in our 90% customer retention rate and our shared business performance model.

Positive attitude, trust, high level of innovation, employee commitment and organizational skills are the hallmarks of Imming’s corporate culture. We support our employees by giving them the confidence to succeed in their professional lives.

Our view
At Ayming, with our long-term support, we are inspired by the vision that companies can achieve sustainable growth and enrich the lives of their employees, customers and communities.

Our goal
The ultimate purpose of our actions is clear. Simply put, as a strategic partner we aim to improve business performance by sharing our world-class expertise, risks and opportunities with our customers.

Our mission
Aiming’s goal is to become an international leader in business performance – a management consultancy that turns companies around when they need the best strategic and operational advice and business – critical support.

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More about Ayming
Ayming is an international consulting group with 1,400 employees in 16 countries, emerging from the merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendelmasa, two leading consulting companies to improve the company’s performance.

Our mission is to highlight and further develop all of the Company’s services to create sustainable value in the four key areas of human resources, operations, finance and innovation.

Choosing Aiming means working with a team of professionals who are very experienced in their field of work. This means that you benefit from high value-added support that enables you to become a true business partner, responding to the needs of your internal / external customers and anticipating their expectations. When you join us, you have a promise to join a group that incorporates the expertise, development and professionalism of their consultants at the center of their endeavors.

Our specialized consultants (Purchasing, Distribution Network, Finance, Tax, HR, etc.), from junior to senior level, manager / director positions, will assist you 24/7. We also employ experienced salespeople from the consulting world to promote the services of our 3 business areas and our support activities (consulting assistants, editors, HR, communications, marketing, finance, etc.). We help you with research allowance, R&D tax credit, research allowance law, research grants, tax research subsidies, etc.

How D&D tax credit has a positive effect on the cash flow of small and medium enterprises
Small and medium-sized companies are an important part of the German economy. They create two-thirds of new jobs and increase innovation and competitiveness. After all, growing a business requires developing new products, technologies, systems, and sometimes industries. This growth is crucial to the success of your company.

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Challenges in 2020, such as new business acquisitions, cyber security, and now the financial impact of Covid-19, pose significant risks to small and medium-sized businesses.

Small businesses often face obstacles that their relatives, large corporations, do not have and have to overcome with few resources. The United States Research and Development (R&D) tax credit is a very influential incentive that has recently become more influential for startups and small businesses. Despite this benefit, more than 90% of eligible businesses in the United States still do not take advantage of the tax deduction.

As you advise your clients on how to deal with challenges this year and in subsequent years, it is important to carefully monitor changes in legislation and tax law that present financial opportunities.

Where does this information about gender diversity in research and development come from?
Ayming is an international management consulting firm. It produces an “International Barometer” every year, which measures certain aspects of research and development from a global perspective. Ayming’s “International Barometer 2020” includes companies in Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The same questions were asked to 300 different management level professionals.

Gender diversity is only one aspect. It is interesting to note that these are not just statistics on individual companies. Instead, it analyzes the opinions of these business owners, CEOs, and top R&D experts.

As Aiming President Herv Amar said in his introduction: “In this report we have examined in depth the state of innovation around the world. Our results show significant differences between countries, regions and occupations, but there are some clear trends.”

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Why is Ayming different?
Our approach is practical and aspirational for your company to reap long-term benefits.

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Why is Ayming different?
Our approach is practical and aspirational for your company to reap long-term benefits.

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