Immigration crisis in Spain, Sutta and Melilla: Morocco insults Madrid for treating Zahravi leader

Immigration crisis in Spain, Sutta and Melilla: Morocco insults Madrid for treating Zahravi leader

Suite and one Unprecedented immigration crisis Thanks to the inaction of the Moroccan police and authorities. TO Rabat The leader did not like the welcome Polysario front Promised Spain For very secretive treatment. In the last 24 hours 6 thousand immigrants, Mostly young Moroccans, were able to enter the Spanish enclave in the north Morocco Arrive in Europe by swim or temporary route without finding any obstacles. Officials say 2,700 of them have already occurred Was expelled.

The number of arrivals should be updated within hours, as a never-before-seen crowd gathers on this part of the wall erected by the government Madrid At the two physical points where the suit is sealed: the first is at the height of the crossing, Tarajal II, The second on the opposite side of the mega grid has been established and strengthened over the years, a Benzo, Under the Mount of the Dead Mother (Jebel Massa). In addition, another hundred people were able to enter Spanish territory at the time of writing No more.

Never before have so many people entered the Spanish protected area. An absolute record capable of breaking the previous record, in the week between 21st and 28th of June, 2018, was almost reached by the Spanish authorities. 2,800 people. At the time, 90% of them had emigrated from sub-Saharan countries, and have now chosen the Front Atlantic route. Canary Islands. According to government sources, at least one-third of those who entered the suite yesterday Minors.

International attention is focused on what is happening now, but the situation in the suit (partly in Melilla) began to get complicated a few weeks ago. Government Sanchez Action needs to be taken for this Increase the number of deportations Strict action taken a few years ago despite complaints Human rights violations And conventions at the Migratory Ground.

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Some of the videos released during these hours show two basic details: the tide of youth on the one hand Submerge in water To overcome the two ‘spigons’, iron breakwaters installed at both the eastern and western ends of the enclave penetrate tens of thousands of meters into the sea, on the other hand the real cause of this extraordinary attack is that Lack of Moroccan police. An inertia that cannot be explained in some way. Until a few days ago, there were almost no attempts by the Moroccans to enter the suite illegally Temporary boats Departs from coastal places far away from the Spanish city. The Moroccan authorities in the coastal areas, especially in the border areas, have suggested suffocation restrictions Fnideq e Castillojos. Any attempt to approach the border beaches immediately failed: its best application Oppression Provided Bilateral agreements between Spain and Morocco.

For a few days now, the beaches around Tarajal II, but especially in Benza, have children and police guards looking for a better future elsewhere. Re Muhammad VI Not even a shadow. The lack of uniforms in the border areas is linked to a finding made last April Secret services Moroccan. North African intelligence gathered evidence Brahim Gali, General Secretary of the Polisario Front, for decades in control with Rabat Western Sahara, Bordering the Moroccan territory Mauritania e Algeria, Spain welcomed with false identity to treat. An act strongly condemned by Moroccan diplomacy. The first consequence is, in fact, the indefinite total demolition of sensitive cross-border controls.

As the Sanchez government seeks to resolve the immigration crisis and its public relations with the Maghreb neighborhood, the situation within the enclave is erupting, so it is imperative. Cancel his trip to Paris Scheduled today. Reception centers are crumbling, and forced deportations are no longer able to limit the damage. Some of the Moroccans were housed inside the famous ‘Quarantine ship’, which hosted immigrants during the Pandemic, especially in the first phase of the health emergency, awaiting their fate. However, the remains of many who had been hiding in the canyons around the port of Suita, waiting to jump into ships leaving for Spanish ports on the Iberian Peninsula, were lost. Alzheimer’s First, try your luck.

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