Immerse yourself in the heart of Ireland with travel professionals and acceptable alignment tours

Immerse yourself in the heart of Ireland with travel professionals and acceptable alignment tours

Alain Tours, a French-speaking receptionist in Ireland, was created by two French people who have lived in Sligo for over 30 years.

Aline Tours, which specializes in “tailor-made” stays and tours, has been doing actual profiling work with 400 potential French travel agencies operating in this Celtic destination since 2019; The bilingual team also mentioned other B2B partners in Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec.

The creator of this extraordinary trip decided to attend the IFTM Top Raza 2021 trade fair to meet tourism and tourism professionals along with other members of the Irish “team” at the Irish Tourism Stand. Introduce its electronic brochure.

Headquartered in Sligo, Ireland since 1991, Bernard Utcher-Lahon, Corinne Lednois – the original French founders – never ceased to find some of the pieces we found through the pages of this catalog: original travelogues, humane stays, delicious breaks …

With them, there is no mass tourism or time travel, be it by car (sometimes vintage), vintage train or emerald pullman, we will explore the most beautiful places with a driver guide. Irish tourist.

Our local presence and our frequent trips in search of genuine, exclusive and quality circuits allow us to claim unique expertise in Ireland, Bernard Utcher-Lahon, co-director of Alain Tours, explains.

For agencies that want to offer something truly different and personal to their CSP + clients, this “travel craftsman” likes to define himself – making himself available to B2B.

For example, for individuals or small groups, it specializes in “tailoring” in collaboration with Marco Vasco or La Mason des Voyages in France.

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In Quebec, the recipient is actively working with the Aqua Terra Group, which also relies on personal services.

Comparatively, Bernard Utcher-Lahon continues, These travel agencies we have approached so far know their clients and their budgets well; They give it to us with full knowledge and confidence.

By working with us, they know that Align Tours allows them to establish their mark and work in comfort and efficiency. For our part, we have a few commercial jobs to do, and can dedicate ourselves to in-depth technical work. .

This immersion in B2B is still close to Aline Tours and managers are well aware that the work will continue. But the potential to develop B2B is approached enthusiastically by this team of enthusiasts; It allows you to move forward on your own.

This is an opportunity for travel agencies – those interested in developing Celtic destinations such as Ireland – to focus on Europe and still provide authentic experiences.

IFTM Top Res: Irish Tourism Stand – 1- M59

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