Images show the Boeing 747 destroying the side of the runway as it takes off

Images show the Boeing 747 destroying the side of the runway as it takes off

A jumbo has caused damage at an airport in a major American city by destroying a section of prepared terrain adjacent to the runway.

The Boeing 747-400 passenger from US charter and air cargo company Atlas Air was taking off. Currently the world’s largest jumbo operatorMore than 50 747 ships.

As shown in the video below, the plane took off from Runway 17 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in the state of Minnesota in the American Midwest. It is the shortest runway in this huge airport with three other runways next to the passenger terminal.

The jumbo seen in the footage above was unusually at the airport, as Atlas cargo planes do not fly to the location, and this passenger 747 was on charter to transport military personnel to El Paso, Texas.

Still, jumbos are occasionally operated by UPS with 747-400 and 747-8 models at Minneapolis, but they typically use runway 30L/12R, although there are records of operations on runway 17 as well.

The flight on October 23 was a 747-400, registration N481MC, which curiously raised only what appeared to be grass on the right side, leading to the belief that perhaps the area had undergone some recent interference, with no plates yet. Completely fixed to the ground.

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