“I’m very worried about his health.”

"I'm very worried about his health."

Although her children’s books were great successes, Marilyn Robert gave Paris a rare interview. She remarkably reveals her ideas about her daughter Eva Green’s health.

Marilyn Robert, a French film actress of the seventies and eighties, has completely disappeared from the screens since the late ’90s. The actress, who last appeared on a set, revealed her acting Blessed Alexander, They are reserved for TV movies or series Legal advice In 1994 or Marmots In 1998. If Marilyn Jobert is gradually retiring from media life, it does not mean that she remains inactive, but rather. She specializes in writing and recording children’s books, and her warm voice and storytelling skills appeal to young children. This is evidenced by the stunning sales figures of his works, which have been translated into many languages ​​and are estimated to have over 15 million copies! Despite receiving the Cesar of Honor in 2007, she did not want to re-enjoy the joy of the joyous Redhead shoot, and even turned down the offer to appear in Francois Ozone’s film. 8 women (2002).

Marilyn Jobert’s Tough Times

The 80-year-old actress gave a rare interview Parisian In it she gives her news. If everything seems to be going on at a professional level, Marilyn Robert is not hiding the fact that we are all affected by the difficult times we are going through: “My dear friends were affected by Kovid 19. I was deeply saddened by the death of the singer Christophe I was a fan of, and I would have lived a very bad life if the epidemic had not affected them.Actress Caroline Sellier will be released on December 15th, I’m close, a week later, Disappearance of Cloud Browser, My partner in police wars. “ The actress tries to free herself from the general climate, which causes a lot of anxiety, and respects herself. “Doctor’s very careful instructions to letter”, Parisian in Notes. Marilyn Robert, a mother of two daughters, twins, Joy Green, grandmother of two grandchildren, has been seeing her family for some time, and naturally she suffers: “I have lost my grandchildren whom I have not seen in over a year. Their video calls with their mother, Joy, from Italy, have chosen viticulture, and I will not have enough anymore.”

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Eva Green returns to the movie sets

For her most famous daughter, Eva Green, she chose to be like her mother, but tried to dissuade her: “This is a very difficult job for sensitive people. It doesn’t always make you happy.” For many films, Tim Burton’s Muse is a woman “Determined”, According to his mother, returned to the plateau despite health crises. A decision that hurts Marilyn Jobert to the top: “She’s back on tour in Ireland, and it’s worrying about me. Fear that any parent can understand …

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