“I’m not taking it back.” But EU leaders are isolating him – Corriere.it

"I'm not taking it back."  But EU leaders are isolating him - Corriere.it

The day before yesterday European Summit in Brussels Conflict between Hungary and the Union Homosexual law Budapest passed by Parliament. On the one hand 17 Heads of State and Government (including Mario Draghi) Signed a declaration Condemnation Any kind of sexual discrimination, on the other hand Victor OrbanArriving in Brussels at the summit, he repeated it Does not intend to withdraw the provision, Which is not considered discriminatory.

We have no homosexual law in Hungary. We have a law that protects parents and children. It is always better to read and respond first, said the Hungarian Prime Minister. Orban made it clear to leaders who criticized him that he had responded to these conditions, recalling that he had fought for freedom under communist rule, including homosexual rights. It’s not about homosexuality, He declared himself available for comparison. He will not withdraw the law that has already been approved and is in force.

The law, that is Prohibits the dissemination of any content (books, movies, TV programs) intended for minors It contains non-heterosexual messages, which the European Union (EU) alleges in a statement issued by the President. Ursula von der Lane. I remember the day before today’s meeting Indiscriminate principles Reiterated their adherence to the core values ​​embodied inArticle 2 of the European Union Treaty European. Although it does not make a clear reference to what Hungary has decided, the declaration says that we must continue Fight against discrimination against the LGBT community. Respect and tolerance are at the heart of the European project … We will strive to ensure that future European generations grow up in an atmosphere of equality and respect. I will tell Orban that he cannot accept the added rules when he arrives at the meeting Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Hungarian one Stupid law In the opinion of the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew.

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Criticisms of Europe joined themHe-she-it, By statement of the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Personally: no discrimination is acceptable under any circumstances, any kind of discrimination against LGBT + is unacceptable in our modern societies, answered the questions of some journalists.

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