Illustration of the famous Indiana Jones Saga Season 5 by Fazil

Illustration of the famous Indiana Jones Saga Season 5 by Fazil

From October 17, 2021, the film crew of the famous Indiana Jones Adventures began living in Medina.

In the winding corridors of Imperial City, heavy filming equipment for the fifth Opus of the “Indiana Jones” series is set for Sunday, October 17th to November 4th..

Vintage sets, vehicles, action scenes and chases now mark the days of the inhabitants of the old town. Before Morocco, some scenes were filmed in Jordan and others in Tunisia. Italy and Ireland are the next destinations for Hollywood production.

Morocco, the site of major construction

A huge production invited to Morocco and a huge media stunt with global influence. Teams from renowned producer Steven Spielberg have taken over their quarters in Madinah to film some scenes of the film. The shooting of Season 5 is waiting for the arrival of American star and series star Harrison Ford soon.

In the districts of Mella, Bob Zemmarine, and Sidi Boujida, the fascists arrived to attend the launch of a painting presented by a famous archaeologist. An adventurous and beloved character who has captivated generations around the world since the launch of the first film in the series.

Harrison Ford filmed sequences in his self-selected Bob Guiza and other parts of the old town. He came to Fez a few months ago for his markings.

Indiana Jones is only the latest in a long list of major international productions that have chosen Morocco as their filming location. Not to mention James Bond and Jason Bone on Mission Impossible or Game of Thrones and finally Homeland. Successful films and series were welcomed by the Moroccan Cinematographic Center. Hundreds of Moroccan technicians and extras take part in the filming.

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