Illegal crypto mining PCs smashed in Malaysia

Illegal crypto mining PCs smashed in Malaysia

Malaysia has come up with a definite solution to get rid of computer systems where cryptocurrencies are being mined illegally: steamroll them.

Several police forces around the world are conducting raids to crack down on illegal cryptocurrency mining farms. This was recently in Ukraine, where the country’s security services are available A warehouse full of PS4 Pros : The energy required for the mining process has been illegally extracted from the Ukrainian energy grid, which could lead to power outages in nearby cities.

Million 2 million stolen electricity

Malaysian police are investigating similar activities. In a town in Sarawak province, authorities have seized 1,069 PCs that spend time on crypto mining. Accordingly Local PressThis is the result of six raids from February to April.

Sarawak Energy Berhad, the company responsible for supplying electricity to the province, has been accused by operators of stealing $ 2 million worth of energy. To give an example, the police decided to smash these thousand PCs under a steam roller, which cost $ 1.26 million.

Authorities hope to quench the thirst of miners: Stealing electricity for cryptocurrency mining activities has become more common since the beginning of the year, explained police chief Hakemal Hawari. A fire broke out in three houses that were illegally connected to the power grid.

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