Il Gazzettino: Ebosse watches, Wallace dominates

Gazette He assesses the Bianconeri’s performance against Lecce yesterday, giving credit to some and underlining the faults of others. Here they are:

“Wallace. A performance free from major mistakes, the Brazilian master again in the middle of the field. The opponent also suffered from his physicality, tactical brilliance and personality. He proved once again that he is a crucial player in the economy. The Friulian game works well from all points of view.

Sylvester’s. When Di Francesco was involved after 10′, he responded with his usual confidence and passed it on to the rest of the defence. Even in the second half, he did not allow himself to be surprised, following a conclusion from Hjulmand. Leave room for the young piano in the final moments.

He didn’t score the next one (we probably would have been surprised if he had), but he proved once again how a striker needs to defend the ball, even against physically gifted opponents like himself. He did it with great skill and lifted the rest of the team. Always punctual and precise in triangles, and very good at helping the deadlock unlocked bito later.

Ebos. The Cameroonian looked enthusiastic. Best in defense and often anticipating the forward, he closed down well on the left. In the final, with the introduction of Neutinck, he operated as a winger with exceptional results. Given the fact that Massena won’t be available until the end of February, it seems like it’s constantly growing, and that’s what’s important.

BETO. He started badly, arguing with a stop and cornering a shot off the edge, nullifying another signature play in the win. He then rallied and made his snatches count against a defense with a poor record. He scored a good goal which gave him some energy, although he looked a bit tried at the end. But it was a better bito than the previous three friendlies.

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Those who aren’t completely convinced (and some, in fact) are self-reported for some errors and performance interruptions during the run.

LOVRIC. It was not the day. He ran a lot, it’s true, but with poor results. The midfielder struggled in his attempts to create play and struggled to get between the lines. Even in the second phase, he failed to make much of an impression.

Ebosele. That guy has interesting numbers. Technical and athletic. Yesterday too, though in flashes, he highlighted them. But he is still a little instinctive, and sometimes he tries useless emphasis. In some situations, he missed the defensive diagonal. However, Sotle is right to insist on him: Ebo has plenty of room to improve, but he needs to be less instinctive and play simply with the team, which is ready to help him. He must grow strategically. However, time is on the 20-year-old Irishman’s side.

Bijol. Important performances, he has often trained us to be a wall that is difficult to overcome. He looked lost in the top 20 yesterday. A throw from Trocker to first was caught and Gonzalez came close to scoring. His slick ball then set up another dangerous move from Salento, earning a yellow card for the downed opponent. He’s recovered, that’s right, but those 20′ confusions remain, just not like him.

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