If you lose your smartphone, get it back …

तुमचा स्मार्टफोन हरवला तर असा परत मिळवा...

Mumbai: Today the whole world is digital. Today smartphones are used for everything. Smartphones have now become the most important factor in a person’s life. Smartphones now use everything from social media to online meetings, video conferencing, graphics, software, movies and more. What’s more, we protect many important documents on our smartphones. You will be upset if your phone is lost or turned off. The person who loses the phone worries the most about his mobile data.

Now there is a way to digitize everything. So most of the time we save photos of our private lives on the smartphone. In such a situation if someone loses their smartphone, that person becomes more worried about his mobile data. There are fears that personal life photos with several important mobile numbers could go viral. In this case, we are going to tell you some special tips related to data security, which will be very useful for you.

Google’s help keep data safe

You can use Google to keep your data safe. This is because Google takes responsibility not only for the operating system for your Android smartphone, but for your entire mobile. So in such a situation Google offers you a feature in which you can use Google to find not only your data but also the lost phone with some care. For that you have to follow some steps.

How to get help from Google?

First you need to go to android.com/find. Log in to your account. This must be the same Google Account you already have logged in to your phone. After signing in to your Google Account, you will see several phone registers in the top left corner of your phone. After selecting your lost phone, it will show the lost phone battery, last time, date and location.

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The last location of the lost phone

Google will show you the last location of your lost phone. If you lost your phone at home, you can use Google Location to get to that location. With it you can also ring for 5 minutes continuously, even if the phone is in silent mode, the phone will ring for 5 minutes. In such cases you will get a phone.

Deletes lost phone data

If you can no longer find your phone by clicking on Google’s last 30, that is, wipe device option, all data will be deleted from your phone. Find my device that works on your lost phone. If your phone is not online, it will connect to the Internet. Its data will be deleted automatically. As a result, it doesn’t matter who owns the phone, your data is completely secure and yours.

This important adjustment needs to be made

In that case, Google’s service will only work on your lost smartphone. When the mobile has your email login, the phone needs to be connected to the internet with the help of mobile data or WiFi. Also, you need to turn on the location setting of the phone and the Find My Device option on the phone. If all of this continues, your data will not be secure and you will have complete control over it.

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