Man Vs Wild New Interactive Series in Netflix

If you are a VS.  Wild, La Sari Interactive de Netflix

You new show from VS Wild, the adventurous beer grill, takes you on an adventurous journey through some of the most hostile places in the world. For non-English speakers among us, you are confronted with a crocodile that is advancing dangerously. It’s scary, but the Beer Grills call you facetime (yes, it happens!). Accept the answer, let’s go on an adventure! Discard, this is back to interesting videos from the net …

Adapted from the hit Survival Show Man V.S., If you are a VS., This is your own adventure. Of course, if there is Man V.S., You saw adventurers exploring the icebergs of the Arctic or an active volcano from the comfort of the back of your sofa, this time it will take some brainstorming. Because here, adventurer, this is you! Available on Netflix from April 10, 2020, this 8-episode mini-series immerses you in an operational survival atmosphere. Are you looking for a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps on a mission to deliver vaccines to a village in Central America?

Who are the Beer Grills?

If you’re lucky, you found the Beer Grills swallowing a raw snake on the Nature Channel, and luckily, it feeds on the yak’s eye or crosses the Arctic River … naked like a worm.

The real name is Edward Grills OBE, from the ranks of these adventurous careless men from Northern Ireland. Trilingual, after high school he joined the Army and joined the British Special Forces. He masters the basic rules of survival‌ quickly, but one day, during a parachute jump, the parachute does not open. His fall will break his back and force him to leave the army. After 18 months, when he feared he would not be able to walk again, he conquered Everest and at the age of 23 became the youngest climber to reach 8,848 meters. Man V.S. He thanked Wilde and hosted the show Wildlife works with beer grills There he takes celebrities into survival mode: he was president at the time as a team member Barack Obama. In If you are a VS. Wild, He was deliberately in danger of portraying what would happen if you made the wrong decisions

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Effective tips for survival in the desert from a professional

He traveled to his planet in search of the most dangerous places in the world. Grills’ experience makes him a real iceberg of survival. Although the series If you are a VS. It only shows a small part of the survivor’s life, and you may have a strong stomach to be interested in Grills ’methods. You will have the opportunity to spend the night eating a larva for breakfast or jumping from a 10m waterfall and watching the snow fall below 2m. Now, if that happens, it’s because we’ve decided.

You have 10 seconds to make a choice

You are on top of a snowy hill in the Alps, what are you doing? Are you hanging your rope on a large stone that seems to have been placed there for the purpose of the descent you are going to build? Are you digging a hole deep enough to bury a rope attached to your rope abscess?

This adventure is yours: After the introductory explanations from the beer grill, you are immersed with the adventurer in the heart of the desert, and you will only get help if you are in extreme distress (in other words, there will not be a crack in the finger is a good excuse). The moment to make choices will come: Throughout this range, you will find yourself in more or less dangerous situations. Your choice will affect the length of the episode and especially its outcome. Personally, we’ve killed beer grills 2 times in 1 episode ാലും Whatever decisions you make will be educational: Beer grills do not look for clues when explaining every choice available to you: The goal of the series is to learn from your mistakes, do not repeat them if you find yourself on Amazon.

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If you like the series, this news will satisfy you: The movie “Animals on the Loose” will be released on February 16 on Netflix. Based on the same principle of If you are a VS.Beer Grills takes you back to an epic adventure. This will take a lot of courage, because this time you will deal with the most dangerous animals on this planet. So, are we going back?

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