If the journalist is moral – Libero Quotidiano

If the journalist is moral - Libero Quotidiano
Yuri Maria Prado

I do not know the legal case of Renato Farina, but I read what he wrote about it in recent days, in the news of the consulting appointment he has now resigned. So I understand that Farina would write things that were wrong or unsatisfactory, for which he would receive the attention of justice and the contempt of the Order of Journalists. Well, it’s all over, I think. Writing things that do not match the truth, in fact, or pleasing someone is a venture notoriously unrelated to journalistic practices: it is never given – because it can cause irreparable damage to professional decoration – the journalist reports the true news; The mission of information is motivated by pure indifference – because a journalist writes to satisfy someone else’s interest.

Journalist intervention in news, politics, economics, and justice yields to the search for truth, objective confirmation, and documentation of undeniable facts. In his trial, the journalist never has to worry about harassing anyone – he submits himself to even less. Therefore, it is essential to be in solidarity with the journalists who condemn their anger, because a colleague, who has raped a mirror in a section that is not yet corrupt, let him go and write untruths or – shame! – Seeks some interested consent. Morality, Gentlemen: Morality!

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