If society collapses, these countries must pass

If society collapses, these countries must pass

We will have to wait 5 billion years for our sun to explode, i.e. the disappearance of the earth. But the end of the world is coming soon: epidemic, financial crisis, climate disaster … If that happens, it is better to know immediately where to seek refuge!

What if our society ever completely collapsed? Not only was this a pitch for a tragic film, but the Kovid-19 Pandemic proved that nothing is impossible anymore. If we add to the environmental crisis, the theory of the end of the world is not as crazy as it sounds!

Ready to change location?

A study published in the Journal ” Sustainability Lists countries that may be better off than others in a social downturn. It is based on the Global Adaptation Index rankings by the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. New Zealand, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Tasmania and Ireland are the best places to house the last survivors of mankind.

Index countries are measured in terms of their ability to feed their populations, supply electricity to their homes, or generate a certain level. New Zealand is the first country to stand out: the island has a large amount of agricultural land, a temperate climate, and adequate geothermal and hydroelectric capacity. Not to mention the relatively low population density.

Other countries on this list have a low rating, far from being able to feed the United Kingdom population on its own (the country produces only half of the food it needs). On the other hand, the country is considered by scientists to be very resilient, and if things ever get worse it will be a real way of life.

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