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If not Pierre-Emerick Obamayang ‘gives you nothing’ and should offer Arsenal more like other Premier League goal machines

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If Pierre-Emerick Obamayang does not score, Arsenal will play ten men.

Former Chelsea and Republic of Ireland midfielder Andy Townsend believes the striker will not give his teammates anything else unless he finds the back of the net.

Townsend says the whole game of Obamayang does not exist

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Townsend says the whole game of Obamayang does not exist

Obamayang, who has scored 11 goals this season, is unaware of Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Man City, with Michael Arteta’s men handing out gloves to Premier League leaders on Sunday.

“Your team is designed around those who have the ability to help you win a football game,” he told Drive at Townscent Talksport.

There is no doubt that Obamayang has the potential to win Arsenal football games as he is the best goal scorer. He has an amazing track record, and he’s there with the best.

Obamayang’s scoring seasons for Arsenal in the Premier League

2017/18 Season – 10 goals in 13 matches 2018/19 season – 22 goals in 36 matches 2019/20 season – 22 goals in 36 matches 2020/21 season – 8 goals in 21 matches

But there is a “still” here. If he doesn’t score a goal, he does nothing. Zero. He gives you nothing. I do not see him giving anything else.

“The question now is: can Arsenal go where they want to go with a great goal scorer, an incredible finisher, but a striker who has done nothing else?

He scored 81 goals in 134 games for Arsenal

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He scored 81 goals in 134 games for Arsenal

Townsend explains that Obamayang, who signed $ 56 million from Borussia Dortmund in 2018, is a different forward than other Premier League finishers.

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He added: “People will ask, does he have to do anything else? He thinks.

“Alan Shearers, Ian Wrights, Thierry Henrys, the best forwards have given you goals, aggression, willpower and an attitude of desire, never say never.

“I see Obamayang, he’s a very good goal scorer, but if he does not score a goal, Arsenal play with 10 men.”

The Gunners need to get their captain to the Europa League quarter-finals on Thursday.

The second quarter of Michael Arteta’s last Europa League game begins with a 1-1 draw against Benfica. This is a great game and the manager needs his big names to play.

“This is a great season and a very important game mentally and confidently,” he said.

“We’ll have a few more weeks to decide if we’re in another match. We really need this. He’s a really tough opponent.

“This is a Champions League team and I have played in this kind of competition for many years with a very experienced manager. We have a final tomorrow.

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