“If he likes me, I think it’s because he does not love me.”

Following in the footsteps of Basil Saharoff

The first day

It is a cool cafeteria with gray walls and floors. Round and tall tables in metal. White-clad waiters. The building is made of wedged marble and transparent glass between the residential street and the highway. This is the only meeting place for these European Commission offices. I live alone in Brussels with my two children. After the divorce from their father, I want to see someone, but my job and my children are complicated.

I see him in the cafeteria having breakfast with colleagues. To those who follow me, I say I like this big boy with dark blue eyes. He answers me “Boff”. I see him as sweet and romantic. Next week, he’s sitting alone. I see it, I don’t think much. When we jump in cold water or parachute, I start. I approach it. ” May I ? “ He let me sit, not to be surprised at my courage. Since we worked there we have been exchanging trivial things, the general direction we work, economic policies, environmental protection, and our nationalities.

“We kiss. It’s disgusting because he’s an Irishman from a Catholic family and has been married for ten years.”

” you are married ? “, I said as I saw the shining wedding ring on her finger. Yes, he has two children like me. We go without handing over our numbers and I only showed him where I work. Since then, we have randomly run into each other several times on the streets of the Belgian capital. But still nothing. I have a fever, I think about him often, I like him a lot.

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One day, when my daughter – in – law came to visit me in Brussels, he came to my office to give me coffee. I tell him I can not, and he leaves the room. My 14-year-old nephew turns to me: “He’s mad at you, this kid, it shows.”. We continue to cafeteria ballet, freeze-dried coffees on aluminum tables. “You are my best friend”, He informs me another day in front of the supplier. His innocence amazes me.

I can not take more cafes than my deceptive default parts in front of his office door. Finally a lunch. This time, we’ve going to the Terveron Museum to see African masks. We kiss. This is annoying because he is an Irishman from a Catholic family and has been married for ten years to the woman he first met outside the family. But I’m in love with him, so I take the risk.

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