If anyone asks what Apple’s ecosystem can do, let them watch this short video, you’re done!

If anyone asks what Apple's ecosystem can do, let them watch this short video, you're done!

In 2019, Apple launched the “Apple at Work” campaign to focus on the benefits that the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and many other products offer to optimize business operations. A year later, they continued to release another similar promotional video, revolving around a group of employees called “The Underdog” and how they work from home due to the impact of the epidemic.

Recently, “The Underdog” officially returned to a new short film called “Escape from the Office”, Apple products when they quit their stressful jobs and started a business with the help of product ecosystems. Once again, Apple praises the world for its creativity in advertising campaigns.

If anyone asks what Apple’s product ecosystem can do, show them this short video and it’s done!

Throughout the 9-minute video, viewers can easily recognize the many benefits that Apple devices have to offer, such as: sharing WiFi passwords via AirDrop, using Group FaceTime, and using hand-held phones or better enhancements with the help of Siri. AR (augmented reality) technology. In addition, “Escape from the Office” emphasizes Apple Business Essentials, the platform they have just launched, with utilities such as integrated multi-device management, 24/7 support, and iCloud storage for businesses with up to 500 employees.

If it’s a movie, maybe we should not have to go through the story too much. Here, you are invited to enjoy the work “Escape from the Office” so that you can learn how to promote Apple products.

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