Iberdrola: Plugs in Europe’s largest photovoltaic park (pictured) | News about the economy

Iberdrola: Plugs in Europe's largest photovoltaic park (pictured) |  News about the economy

Spanish renewable energy giant Iberdrola The biggest launch in the next few days Photovoltaic project In Europe, to date, 590 MW Francisco Pizarro.

The Bilbao-based group completed construction The massive project is ready to begin Then located in southwestern Spain An investment of 300 million euros.

Iberdrola’s Largest Solar Project, Recharge Reports, will be distributed using “Green” energy About 335,000 households in the region prevent 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

It was produced by Iberdrola Photovoltaic Park Francisco PizarroLocated between the municipalities of Torresillas de la Tiesta and Aldiacentenera in the Extremadura region, Based on long-term power purchase agreements with dairy company Danone, pharmaceutical group Bayer and soft drink giant PepsiCo.

“They Contracts provide investment stability “It has become an excellent tool for managing the electricity supply of large consumers committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and accelerating the energy transition committed to clean and sustainable consumption,” Iberdrola said.

Francisco Pizarro in the Extremadura region of southwestern Spain

Spanish group 19.3 gigawatts of renewable energy are in operation and 14.3 billion euros have been earmarked for the construction of wind and solar farms. With a smart grid program by 2025.

Extremadura is expected to play a key role in Iberdrola’s portfolio strategy in Spain. Investment of more than 1.7 billion euros to install 2.8 GW of RES in the region over the next three years.

The Iberdrola stated that Francisco Pizarro “is an example of new renewable developments that respect the environment”Citing several measures taken to protect the native animals living around Photovoltaic Parkincluding a program “Allows use of grazing land for raising goatsยป.

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The EU. Going to mark A new solar capacity record this year is 39 gigawatts Solar power is expected to add to Europe’s figure. Expected solar installations will exceed the high of 27 GW in 2021 and exceed the 29.9 GW expected before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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