“I will be the rector of all.”

"I will be the rector of all."

The University of Maserati has a new rector and is the Dublin Irish expert on James Joyce. John Francis McCourt was elected in the first round, defeating Francesca Spiegarelli by a majority of quorum and one of the most deserving by a handful of votes. McCourt, director of the Department of Humanist Studies, is the first foreign rector at the University of Maserati.

“I’m very emotional – McCourt said hotly.” It’s an honor to be rector, and it’s a great responsibility, and I have a responsibility to do that. I’m motivated by colleagues who trust me. Francesca Spigarelli, a professor of applied economics, commented: “It’s a big challenge. Congratulations to the professor, McCourt.”

McCourt Irish Rector

Who is the new Rector? Prior to moving to Maserata, he taught at the University of Roma, where he was the director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Irish and Scottish Studies, and in 1997 he founded the Trieste Joyce School at Trieste University. Is currently president of. The newly elected successor to Francesco Adornato, who took office on November 1, has found the path he intends to take: “Even after difficult years, the university is still on a solid foundation to grow. A democratic dialogue is useful and full of ideas. I hope we can take the best of both programs to work together into the future, because the power of ideas helps us grow. I remember the words of a song by Nina Simon: ‘This is a new morning, this is a new day, this is a new life for me. Then I feel better ‘. There is a new dawn, there is a new day, I have a new life. This will not be easy, as it is a significant responsibility that I take on in the knowledge that I can rely on the support of the entire academic and administrative community.

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