“I was adopted into what I am not”

"I was adopted into what I am not"
Written by Pascal Kramer

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Actor of BAC North, D ‘Farewell Mr. Hoffman You too Sense of celebration, He is also the screenwriter and director of Big Bath, Has gained prominence in French cinema in recent years. At 49, Gilles Lelloshe plays a lawyer who is tired of life in film. GoliathFrederick Tellier, released in theaters on March 9th.

Then I would not have come here …

If it weren’t for this amazing French teacher Patricia Brasser who revealed to me a passion I never suspected. I was 12 and I was 5 years oldE, At the private college of the very strict Jean-D-Arc-Saint-Aspis Fontainebleau (Sain-et-Marne). Instead of allowing students to clearly study Moliere’s texts, Smt.Me Browser hired two or three people to perform a scene on the blackboard next week. I was a very shy kid. I was drawing my little world in my room. I had not slept all night the day before playing Scopin. I was terrified. When I started playing, the students started laughing and the teacher looked at me in amazement. Then she made me play every two weeks, hosting a year-end show for the first time. I understood the power of words and the power of laughter in others. This woman changed my life.

Have you maintained a relationship with her?

I surprised him by coming to his last class before retiring. The students did not fully understand what I was doing there! We shook hands and cried. I invited her to the previews, she sends me text messages and she has very sweet words.

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In your youth, you navigated different universes. You go from a residential suburb in Ezone to the chic countryside very close to Fontainebleau …

Yes. I first lived in Savigny-sur-Org (Ezone). The sound of cars could be heard from the house near the highway. I was happy despite everything. Mom was sunny and optimistic. She was a singer in her twenties. Perhaps, unknowingly she spread the desire to become an artist in my brother Philip [devenu acteur et metteur en scène] me too. My father was a native of Algeria, an autodidact, he was a builder, jeweler, director of one company and CEO of another company. Then he became unemployed for a long time before getting his head out of the water as an accountant.

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During a time of prosperity, we descended into a Norman manor near the forest of Montigni-sur-Loing (Sain-et-Marne) near Fontainebleau. It was in the countryside, and I went to good schools with bourgeois classmates. But I came from the suburbs, and I was immersed in the rap world of the hip-hop movement that emerged in the 1980s. I chose the minority camp, the kids from the surrounding cities – Avon, Nemors, Melun … I loved going to school, but I was always confused and very indifferent. I was not arrogant or arrogant, let alone violent. The teachers liked me. But I was expelled from some private high schools without a contract. I was a little rebellious. When your family is socially shattered, the ugliness of the looks of others, the anger at seeing my father hurt.

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