I tried to use a tool called “Slapdash” that can manage multiple web services in one place – Gigasine

I tried to use a tool called "Slapdash" that can manage multiple web services in one place - Gigasine

Some users of web tools, such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive, say, “I’m trying to integrate them into one because they are difficult to use properly.” There must be a lot of people who thought “no problem”. “SlapdashYou can use Gmail to create new emails, browse files in the cloud, register and customize your favorite services and commands from the screen that integrates different services. you can.


To use, firstSlapdash pageGo and click Start.

You will be taken to the Account Creation screen. Enter your username, email address and password and then click “Create Number”.

Confirm that the confirmed email was sent to the registered email address.

Check the email you received and click Confirm Email.

Choose to download the desktop application or continue with the browser version. This time I will use the browser version of the browser.

SlapDash’s home screen looks like this. To use it, you need to link Slapdash with the web service you use. First, click “Connect Application”.

Displays a list of web services that can be linked to SlapDash. This time, click Gmail to link to “Gmail”.

A screen like this will appear, so click “Connect”.

Select your Gmail account.

Click “Allow”.

The collaboration with Gmail is complete.

When the integration is complete, Gmail will be added to the previous screen.

Click Gmail and you will see a screen like this. Click “Open” to open the Gmail page.

Click “Search Gmail” to find the full text for emails in your Gmail inbox.

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When I try to enter “Apple” …

I open the Gmail page and see an email in my inbox saying “Apple”. It works similarly when you search on the Gmail page.

You can compose a new email by clicking “Create New Email”.

You can compose and send mail directly from the Slapdash page without opening the Gmail page.

Other services may be linked. This time, it will link to “Google Drive”.

Click “Connect”.

Choose a Google Account.

Click “Allow”.

Collaboration with Google Drive is complete.

Below “Your Recent Activity” is a list of recently viewed files in Google Drive. You can also access files directly from this list. Click on the file you want to display …

The Google Document page opens and displays the file.

From the “Explore” tab on the left, you can browse for files on the linked service. Click “Explore”, then “Google Drive” …

Files saved in Google Drive will be displayed in a table. Directly from this tab you can create, rename and download files in Google Drive.

On the “Search” tab, you can search from within the linked service.

In the “Commands” tab, the functions of the linked services are displayed as “Commands”, you can use the functions directly from here. You can also create commands of your choice. Click “Create Command” on the top right to create.

Enter “Command Name”, “Command Description”, and “Command Abbreviation” from the top. You can leave anything blank except the “command name”. Leave “Next” as “Open” and enter the URL of the function you want to start with in “This URL”. This time, enter the URL of the Google document you previously displayed. Click “Create Command” when you are done.

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The generated command appears in the command list. Click “Run” to start the command. This way, you can add your own commands.

In the “Spaces” tab, you can display the activities you want to activate in a “space”. Click “Spaces” and then “Create Space” in the top right.

Enter a name of your choice and click Create Space.

The created space will be displayed. By clicking “Add to Space”, you can select and display the activity you want to display here. You can create spaces like “workplace” and “breaks” and use them properly depending on the situation.

You can also enter the URL of a web page. When you enter the URL of Gigazine …

A “gigazine” link will be displayed in space.

You can also create teams that can share commands and spaces. Click Create Team, enter the team name and click Create.

Created a new team.

Click “Invite Team Members” in the top right corner to see a link to share with others.

You can share with your team by clicking “Share” from the command or location you want to share.

It is very convenient for people who use more services and have trouble managing them because it can be integrated into it.

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