“I thought this film would be a real failure,” says Liam Neeson

“I thought this film would be a real failure,” says Liam Neeson

The whole saga Taken Now on Netflix. Trilogy by Luke Besson Liam Neeson Brian Mills was a worldwide success. Yet the Irishman did not believe a single moment. He claims that Taken is sure to be a real failure.

Liam Neeson, 68, tells EW today: “I’m said this before, but not wanting to upset my friend screenwriter Robert Camone, I thought as I read the script: “This movie will go straight to the video.“.

The rest of the world followed. the first Taken (2008) Raised $ 220 million worldwide for a $ 25 million budget.

I remember calls from my nieces and nephews in Ireland. “Hey Uncle Liam, we saw your movie”. “Which one?” “Taken”. “What do you mean? It’s not possible.” “If we download it in a version of South Korea.” Damn, my nephew was breaking the law that broke me. Then I said, “If people download tokens, it’s ridiculous.” But Fox chose this movie, added an effective trailer and made it a hit. Before going to n ° 1 at the box office he was n ° 3, n ° 2, then n ° 1, n ° 4. There were plans to do Taken 2 and Taken 3. It was luck, you need luck in this business.“.

Liam Neeson

Since then Liam Neeson has been producing action films. His latest is the upcoming Ice Road on Netflix on June 25, 2021 Ice Road, Liam Neeson is an extreme trucker who has to rescue miners stranded in the far north of Canada.

Liam Neeson

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