I Tell the Courier – England, Great Britain, United Kingdom: Between Sports and Wars

I Tell the Courier - England, Great Britain, United Kingdom: Between Sports and Wars

Dear Aldo ,
One student asked me: “How exactly do you say: England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom?” He then added: “Italy is Italy, full stop.” I think children who go to school carefully have a right to know, but I could not answer, I felt like a worm. Would you like to see us?
Alessandro de Cruzca Pogiridanti (Sondrio)

Dear Alessandro,
This is a question that many ask. In short: England is a nation; Great Britain is an island; The United Kingdom is a state. United Official name “United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland”. In addition to Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom consists of three countries: Scotland, Wales, and precisely England, which have traditionally dominated for military, political and cultural reasons. All three countries together are Great Britain. English has historically been the language of the ruler over Irish, Scottish and Welsh; Had it not been written in English they probably would not have gained international fame, Irish Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, C.S. Louis (author of the Chronicles of Narnia and Letters of Berlishe), Scotts Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the wonderful Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (“Don’t go that good night politely” … May that night. The last Labor premieres were Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; Cameron is also a Scottish family name. In traditional sports, from football to rugby, each country has its own team. I remember the Brazil-Scotland ’90 at the World Cup in Italy, which I saw on the Scottish curve in Turin, among the fans in Kilo: “We are Scottish, not English”. However, the British team is on the field at the Olympics. In some cases, the British still prefer to be called British in Latin: the scene in the London series The Crown series, in which Londoners «Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves! The British will never be slaves ”(British will never be slaves), in the news that the Royal Navy has overthrown the dictatorship of Argentina and conquered the Falklands. James Thompson: Scottish poet.

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Today’s other characters


“The Infinity of an Old Arch in Love”

I am Napoleon, but I live in Catania. I am now 80 years old and I feel more and more sick because of age, but love still gives me strength and courage to stick with life. Today, with the joy of a great miracle the Lord has given us, enables us to celebrate our “first” 40 years of love – a love that I would like to dedicate to every couple in the universe – and I am absolutely very happy with a few studies, when I think of the great leopard, I am Francesca in the infinite love of an old arch ” Infinitely “submits.
Your smile has always been my favorite,
Always, always, still the heart
With such tenderness it pierces me
What is this eighty year old
Old-fashioned youth
It never seems to have passed, I think
As it still was:
Street Arch and student are in love!
Every morning, when I wake up, in vain
I transcend the sweetness of your face
I feel such a harmony
Everything in me rejoices and renews
Among the diseases, aging
And the ugly everyday things.
I leave myself with your smile.

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