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I don’t want Lee Mason to referee another Wolves game

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Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo has claimed that referee Lee Mason is not good enough for the Premier League. After a 2-1 defeat at Burnley, he was trapped at the bottom of the table.

Fabio Silva’s first Premier League goal – penalty in the 89th minute – was too late for the Wolves, with Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood scoring for the hosts in the absence of Raul Jimenez.

When Josh Moutinho or Josh Brown appeared to be out of Hornhill, the Wolves were lucky to finish the game with 11 men after a stop-time VAR test, but the decision was in their favor, but Nuno questioned Mason’s ability to referee the best flight.

“The referee does not have the advantage to whistle a game in the Premier League,” he told Sky Sports. “It simply came to our notice then. We had Lee Mason before us.

“It’s not about the crucial mistakes or decisions, it’s about the way he handles the game. The players panic, make a lot of noises, and he whistles loudly when some players scream.

“We’re talking about great competition, he doesn’t have the quality to whistle the game. I’m very disappointed to say this, but I would not be right if I did not say it.

“I do not want to see him again – that’s what I told him. Since all our games with Lee Mason have always been the same, I hope he never whistles one of our games again.

“He can’t control the players, the players are constantly arguing – both teams. The game flows and there is conversation with all the other referees. He is not ready to do that. ”

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Burnley boss Sean Deutsche said it was impossible to see how Moutinho escaped the VAR test, but he wanted to focus on other things after his second win in three games.

“It was a wonderful Burnley night,” he said. “It’s raining, the wind is blowing, it’s freezing cold, everything else.

“It simply came to our notice then. We did well on both sides of the pitch. We created quality opportunities. We rarely create 25 or 40, but today we have created a good number.

“If we were overreacting, we could have taken control of the game earlier if we had taken them, on the other hand we saw the game better and deserved to win.”

Barnes opened the scoring in the 34th minute when Charlie Taylor crossed to a distant post to reach a 60-yard cross to send from the left.

It was the 31 – year – old’s first goal since November 2019. A 17-match hernia injury came on both sides, which replaced him at the end of last season.

“I am just happy with him,” Deutsche said. “He had serious injuries, but he works, and he’s a great player from here on and off the pitch.

“It’s hard for strikers when they don’t score, but I said opportunities come and he scores.”

The win puts Burnley above Brighton and three points clear of the drop zone.

“We are in good health,” Dych added. “Our squad has been stretched for a long time. We are getting there.

“It doesn’t guarantee you anything, but if it suits you, it improves your chances of success.”

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