“I did not know if he was alive” – ​​Corriere.it

"I did not know if he was alive" - ​​Corriere.it

His name is Juan Francisco Vale, he is 41 years old and an agent for Guardia Civil’s specialized underwater activities group. The life jacket and the two-month-old baby were immortalized in his hands, Ended up in the water when his mother tried to reach him Spanish enclave of suites from Morocco.

A photo that has become a symbol of the drama of thousands of immigrants trying to reach the suite has already sent 5,600 people back to Morocco. Juan Francisco Vale, one of the eight members of the Guardia Civil Special Department, told the Spanish newspaper Country: I do not know if the baby is alive or dead when he is taken out of the water. It was cold, not moving He said. The Navy diving expert explains that he has not seen such a human tide with hundreds of frustrated people in the Civil Guard for twelve years. Our job – he adds – involves retrieving the bodies from the water, but this time the survivors had to be rescued, to decide which of our interventions was most urgent. There were a lot of parents – he adds – mothers and fathers with children tied to the body, draped back with cloth and clothing. Like a two-month-old baby, with a light blue hat and striped romper, Juan Francisco rescues from the water: the baby is in good health, well.

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