“I chose the team spirit and good atmosphere”

"I chose the team spirit and good atmosphere"

11 selections for the French team with 10 wins and one defeat, 1 Six Nations tournament in 2016 and 6 French championship trophies with Montpellier, Pauline Reyesack, originally from Dawson, dropped her prize list in Nerbone. Despite the bruises on her face from the wounds of past wars, with that indelible charm, that young woman is today the joy of RCN Femin.

Pauline, what is your history with rugby?

I started UNSS at the age of 17 at the Charlemagne Agricultural School in Carcassonne. Then I went to the STAPS in Montpellier. I was doing judo and I was going to choose this sport, but in the end, a coach took me to play jaco. For one year until the merger with Montpellier. Also, I played for this club for 9 or 10 years.

after that ?

I worked at Carcassonne, the Chamber of Agriculture, and it felt natural for me to come here and play in Narbonne.

Why did you choose rugby over judo?

I chose Team Sports! Team spirit, good atmosphere before, during and after the match (Team members arriving at the stadium have booked Paul this time). In course training (Laughs) !

Do you regret it then?

Oh, no, no !!! Not particularly (Laughs) If I had to do it again, I would make the same choice.

How did you feel after your first title as France champion?

This is very pleasing, because we work more and more for this result throughout the year. This is a reward and I think I’m lucky to have been there 6 times. However, I’m sorry for a season we lost the title in 2016, I think! But my first two finals remain in my memory. Maybe we were not loved. We had failed in the semis in previous years. We wanted more. Compared to the other four titles, I think those first two wins were a little more celebratory.

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Is it easy to adapt to family life, professional life and high level sports life?

I will say yes! Family life, I put it off for now. Then, I’m lucky not to work on the weekends. So I can organize my schedules on training evenings.

How do your colleagues see you?

When they see you coming in with a bruised or broken nose, they say, “Why this sport? But overall, at Carcassonne, it’s a valuable sport. They see team spirit, good atmosphere and fighting.

You, to be precise, what is your view on women’s rugby?

This sport, from the moment I made my debut until today, has progressed a lot, but my perspective has always been the same. Like I wear in men’s rugby. We do team sports. The goal is to play ball and take up space. We certainly appreciate it for the fight, but also for the game. Not forgetting the technology and strategy.

Why did you decide to play in the third row?

I think I’m more tackler. A third tier training section. I’m less efficient when playing on the third center line than in Narbonne. This is less of my job.

“My choice of racing club Narbonis was clear”

Why did you come to Narbonne?

In 2019, the year of my last crown, I decided to stop playing at Montpellier. I was already working at Carcassonne. I liked to stop at a good note and at the right time. On the other hand, I did not want to stop rugby. There are only two clubs known in Odil. At Carcassonne, it played below 10. My choice of racing club Narbonis was clear.

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What does this club represent for you?

I’m not going to be a good student. I follow the results starting with Pro D2, but I have trouble compatible with the others. I train cadets at Alleric, and every match is complicated to follow.

Do you think the women’s team playing in Elite 2 this year is important to RCN?

I really do not know! Yes or no! We are a team like everyone else. Sometimes, we struggle to get our stadium. At the beginning of the season, we had no lighting. Then we have nothing to complain about. We have a clubhouse, but I do not know what to look for in a women’s team.

11 times on the France team, how did your first selection feel?

It was stressful! I was not expecting that at all. In Marcos, it was a constant pressure. We were playing in Ireland and we won. I was a substitute at the start of the game, but then I got on the field. This is a great opportunity to evolve at this level. That was not a goal, but I can assure you that you are happy to achieve it!

“I think I will definitely sign again”

Elite 2 has been a tough season for your team. How do you live?

Good! Let’s wake up a little late. We have a great fellowship, there, we can see it, the girls are already working, the time is 7:30 pm and the training has not officially started yet. We still have a lot of work to do. Although we are in the last position, I think we are not in our position. We can do better! Our team is living very well and we said things to each other. We promised to reach the goal by the end of the season. Behavior and investment have changed. The results remain. Our goal is to keep up! You do not have to finish in the last place.

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If RCN Elite 2 continues, are you heading into a new season next year?

I think I will definitely sign again. Then we talk again at the end of the season. We will see how many of us are with the club and among the players, with which squad, and what the goals of the club will be. This season, for example, I believe we have not yet arrived to fill out a match sheet. 20 names sometimes, never 22!

Women’s rugby is booming in terms of the game and the number of licensed players. What would you say to those who are still reluctant to do this sport?

I want to tell them, “Go ahead”! It’s a great sport, a great experience, you do not have to be afraid of contact, even if you have a few muscles to protect yourself. It’s not dangerous. It is a sport that you find very enjoyable.

Last question. If you wish for the end of this season. What would you choose? Maintenance of racing in Pro D2 or ladies in Elite 2?

This year, our repairs are for us! Especially if you have the structure to take care of yourself. Otherwise, if we lose a lot of girls and we go down, I want to stay on RCN Pro D2. Anyway first we!

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