I Big Dell 36 Memorial Paulo D’Aloza

I Big Dell 36 Memorial Paulo D'Aloza

A weekend of international significance for Lake Pediluko. The Terni Basin will host the 36th edition of the Paulo de Aloja Memorial on April 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10. Twenty-one participating countries, of course the blue delegation. Special: Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Benin, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Holland, Monaco Principality, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe.

The memorial represents an opportunity to take a closer look at many of the world’s great rowers, the main characters of the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the lightweight division, the bronze medals of Stefano Oppo (Carabinieri) and Pietro Ruta (Fiamme Oro) will be faced by defending Olympic champions Irish Fintan McCarthy and Paul Odonovan. The Irish selection also has a presence in the women’s category with a bronze in four without Emily Hegarti. The main characters in the memorial are Belgians Tim Bryce and Niels van Sand‌vege, who are always present at the event.

Following on the victories at the first national meet, Federica Cesarini (Fiamme Oro) will face sixth-seeded Romanian Giannina Belega in doubles in Tokyo. The much-anticipated Ankuta Boarder and Simona Radis won the specialty gold in the five-circle competition. In the men’s senior sector, Israeli athlete Danny Friedman and Mariusz Cosmouk (Romania) won Olympic silver, while two – thirds of men without men were Romanians, meaning Mihita Tiganescu, Mugurel Vasily Sensiouk and Stefan Bendera. . In Tokyo, they won a silver medal in the photo finish, surpassing our blues. So the challenge will return with Matteo Castaldo, Marco di Costanzo (Fiamme Oro) and Giuseppe Vicino (Fiam Gielle). There will be no Matteo Lodo (Phiam Gielle) in the water of Pediluko.

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Finally, there is Olympic gold medalist Stefanos Ndoskos for Greece in the men’s singles. A group of several Italian oarsmen at Pediluco. In all, DT Francesco Catanio summoned 105 athletes: 39 seniors, 8 lightweights, 48 ​​under-23s and 10 juniors. Azuri will meet again today, Wednesday, April 6 to begin preparations for the first regatta.

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