“I accidentally discovered a tumor that was like a wave of malignancy plaguing me” – Corriere.it

"I accidentally discovered a tumor that was like a wave of malignancy plaguing me" - Corriere.it

Laura Boldrini, A deputy from the Democratic Party, then speaks for the first time Surgery she performed for a tumor in a woman. It does so in relation to «piasapulita in La7 from the structure He is being treated there:It was like a wave that haunted me, a wave that robbed me of all assurances, Motivates you to discover your weaknesses and weaknesses and changes all priorities. I’m better now, but the path will be longer, he said live. “I have to thank a friend of mine who forced me to visit, so I found this Who knows how long the tumor will lastHe added. “This is how I discovered gynecological realities, always between pain and hope“Thanks to doctors and hospitals.” I hope this helps everyone understand that pandemic health is a public good, and it makes investing a priority, “he said.

He made the announcement on April 8th, With a long post on Facebook, compelling his “break” politics and the need to act: “Unfortunately, disease is a part of life – He wrote – But you are never ready to face it. Tomorrow I will have surgery and then the path of treatment and rehabilitation awaits me. In 2016 when Laura Boldrini presided over the Montessori Assembly She already had to have lung surgery In the endocrinology department at Cisanello Hospital in Pisa. “I’m going to have to face a little bit of fear now with this new experiment and I’m very confident of who will run me and I am determined to fight back to normal in my life soon,” he said. In an interview with the courier He told the details of the surgery at Rizoli Hospital in Bologna.They cut 10 inches of my throat In its place they installed a titanium prosthesis. The bone will grow back, but it will not walk in the park. The good thing is that they found no infiltration. Now a period of recovery and physiotherapy awaits her “To recapture even small gestures”.

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