Hurricane damage caused by Hurricane Kentucky

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Is Kentucky Most affected area Between Friday and Saturday, an unusual series of hurricanes swept through six states in the Midwest and southeastern United States, causing damage and dozens of deaths. In Kentucky alone, at least 80 deaths have been confirmed, and the final figure is likely to be more serious, according to state Governor Andy Bessier. Tens of thousands of people are without electricity and rescue workers are searching for the missing.

Bashir He said He added that the past few days have been the worst in Kentucky’s history of such phenomena, adding that “nothing in the straight line of a hurricane’s still exists”.

Kentucky was particularly affected by the passing of four particularly severe hurricanes that destroyed hundreds of buildings and caused extensive damage in the western part of the state. In Mayfield, a city of tens of thousands of residents, a hurricane caused the collapse of a candle factory that employed 110 people, 40 of whom had already been rescued on Saturday: the company confirmed Sunday that 8 workers had died and 8 were missing. In all, more than 90 people have been rescued and are reported to be fine.

Authorities say the series of hurricanes that have hit Kentucky and five other states over the past few days is particularly unusual, as there are no hurricanes at this time of year. To give an idea of ​​how devastating it was, Washington Post He said A photo of a Mayfield family was found 160 km away.

In addition to Kentucky, at least 14 people were killed in other states affected by the hurricane, including Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. Six of them died at the Amazon Fulfillment Center where they worked in Illinois.

U.S. President Joe Biden has approved Kentucky’s request for an emergency and said his administration will do everything possible to help all affected states. Meanwhile, more than 90,000 homes in western Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee are without electricity. Rescue teams are working hard to remove the debris, help residents and search for the missing.

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