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Hurling-Spieler müssen den etwa 120 Gramm schweren Lederball gut schlagen, fangen oder blocken können. Foto: Yavuz Dural

Hurling players must be able to hit, catch or block a leather ball weighing 120 grams. Photo: Yavuz Dural

Hohenheim University has had a hurling troupe for a few months. Almost unknown sports in this country, do not turn into a flash in the pan in the field.

HOHENHEIM – The big dream of every Irish boy who is a sports fan: to play in the All-Ireland Championship Final at Croke Park in Dublin once in a lifetime and be celebrated by 82,000 fans. The finals of the Irish Counties (counties) have been held every year since 1887 at the end of the summer, the national sport; Since 1914 they have now been held at the third largest stadium in Europe, having the same status as Gaelic football and hurling (see last text) for Wimbledon for tennis or Wembley for soccer. The 129th final game will take place in Croke Park on September 4, in just three weeks, and has been on sale for months.

Sports import from Saxony

Not 129 years yet, only for four months, Throws on Hohenheim University Sports Ground Played – Sizes three to five smaller than the country of origin, but with increasing enthusiasm every day. The university’s youngest sports group was started by Paul Gruner, who ended up in a field in Dresden for a master’s degree in plant breeding. He brought his interest in the game from the Saxon state capital, which is largely unknown in this country and has been played by two dozen players at a club in LB for four years.

Paul Gruner and his Stuttgart comrades are far from it. A few weeks ago in the group that included twelve players in the current semester, there are still a handful of hurling enthusiasts who run about 120 grams of leather ball (slotter) for 90 minutes on Wednesdays during the holidays. . Among them are an American, an Englishman and many Germans – of course – an Irishman. “We may have found the only Irishman at the University of Hohenheim, and he is very happy that we have offered him the most popular sport in his home country,” says Gruner.

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The group’s beginner will leave Stuttgart at the end of the year after completing his studies. Until then, however, he wants to help develop structures that ensure that throwing in Swabia is not a flash in the pan: “Of course we have already found a few Irish who want to continue this, at university and at a club.” And found the coach.

Improving euphoria

The Dublin Umbrella Organization (GAA) is eagerly supporting the Stuttgart Group to become the fourth permanent location in Germany after Dresden, Dormstad and Munich. “They helped us get the equipment, and soon we’ll have the poles, which we can stick to soccer targets so we can do the whole thing more authentically,” Gruner said. Now, the Harling Group in Hohenheim needs not only a lot of fun, but also a lot of improvement. However, the coach who plays with him has already found some skills: “There are players who hit well, others catch well, and one is good at blocking shots,” says Grooner.

So far, athletes from Egilolfstraße have only performed basic technical tasks and training games. That should change in the fall, as the Hohenheim Harling Crew has been invited to a tournament in mid-October in Dresden, where teams from across Europe will take part. “It’s not enough in terms of numbers to give a team, but we already have interested parties from other cities who want to form a syndicate with us,” Gruner says.

Throwing information:

Hurling: The sport is of Celtic origin and is an Irish national sport, accompanied by galley football, played with a large oval leather ball without a bat. The game is usually played by 15 people against 15 players on a 140 x 80 meter field. A successful attempt between goal posts (equivalent to a soccer goal) is worth three points, and a player who hits between the bars above the goal has one point.

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Competitive Activities: Ireland have held the Inter-County Championship for nearly 130 years, with County Kilkenny winning the record (34 wins). Since 2015 there has also been a European League consisting of teams from Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.

Training time: Team at the University of Hohenheim On Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (Unisportgelände Egilolfstraße) trains, still looking for fellow preachers.

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