Hundreds of cats found dead at pensioners’ home in France | The world

Hundreds of cats found dead at pensioners' home in France |  The world

Animal welfare organizations have found 100 dead cats at a pensioner’s home in Southeast Africa on Sunday. France, In addition to twenty other animals in poor health, were reported in one of these groups.

An 81 – year – old man in Nice was admitted to hospital with cats, mostly in closed plastic or wooden crates, according to the local newspaper Nice-Martin.

The retiree’s daughter – in – law asked the associations for help after the animals were found. In all, more than 100 dead cats were found inside and outside the home, along with their antlers, rats and dog jaws.

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“Most of the cats died when they were put in these boxes, but we believe at least two of them may have been buried alive,” said Philippe Desjac, president of La Tribu du Formilier.

The cat’s body was found on the sofa, partially swallowed by other cats. Twenty other people who were still alive but in need were rescued and given to veterinarians or volunteers.

“Unfortunately, we see stories like this every year,” Desjack said, adding that organizations are looking to condemn man for misconduct or neglect.

According to the leader of the association, the retiree suffers from Noah’s syndrome, a mental disorder that takes more animals than you can handle, and Diogenes’ syndrome (compulsory collection of objects).

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