Hubble stopped working

Hubble stopped working

Space telescope launched in 1990 Hubble Collecting damage. The NASA Reported June 16th ‘S full stopComputer The boat was observed Sunday, June 13, after 4 p.m. The on-board computer that controls all of the telescope’s devices went into idle mode, for one reason or another. Memory card Defective. Control Center officials Goddard Space Flight Center NASA tried to restart the computer on Monday but soon encountered the same problem.

This computer is not new: it was built in the 1980s and replaced the memory card in the last mission Maintenance This failure follows A series of other issues It has happened on various devices in recent years, and the aging condition of this telescope cannot be reconstructed. Unfortunately, the launch of the James Webb telescope, which needs to be replaced in 2018, Never stop procrastinating It is about ten years behind its initial schedule. We expect this to be reliable because it is located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth (600 km for Hubble), making it inaccessible to repair operations.

In the meantime, the team Goddard Space Flight Center Switches to a backup memory card and tries to restart the computer in safe mode. If these attempts are successful, Hubble Its scientific instruments will be tested for a day before it can be restarted. Or, observationsThe universe Will mark a large void.

Hubble: Back to normal after gyroscope failure

Editorial article published on 10/24/2018

At NASA a Advertising Hubble will be reactivated on Monday, October 22 and will resume its normal scientific operations soon. Everyone’s favorite space telescope has been closed since October 5 following the failure Gyroscope, The tool needed to orient it. Between October 16 and 19, NASA relaunched and repaired the gyroscope. Everything seems to be back to normal, but the engineers will run it through a series of tests before delivering Fire Green when observations resume.

Hubble stopped after one of the gyroscopes failed

Published on 09/10/2018

The Telescope Spatial Hubble Stopped due to failure of one of the gyroscopes that occurred last Friday. These tools allow him to orient well, which is essential for making accurate observations. Following the blackout, NASA put Hubble in safe mode («Safe Mode) All observations were stopped during the investigation.

Hubble Gyroscope is well aware of the problems. In 2009, Astronauts Replaced six of its gyroscopes in a repair mission. Half of it is now useless, two are working properly, and the last one, which Hubble has now lost, shows signs of ending a year ago. So failure is not surprising. The space telescope usually uses three Gyroscopes, But with one or two it can continue to function. The NASA This suggests that it will have a relatively small impact on the quality of observations, but will provide more limited sky coverage.

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