Huawei Nova 9SE: A Photography and Photography Equipment for Professionals and Amateurs – Always

Huawei Nova 9SE: A Photography and Photography Equipment for Professionals and Amateurs - Always

Another innovation from Huawei manufacturers has arrived in Lithuania – the Nova 9 SE phone. We & # 39; re glad to be one of the first people to give you a review of this new product.

According to the manufacturers, this Nova is innovative, beautiful and authentic. This phone introduces a new distinctive design style. The phone will be available in three colors: black (midnight black), crystal blue and pearl white.

“Huawei nova 9SE” (ുവുവा നൂ നൂറ്റർर.)

Phone design

The phone has a glossy 3D glass back made of dual film with dual nano texture. The 1.05mm Ultra-Narrow Frame features a 6.78-inch HUAWEI FullView screen that looks like it slides through the air on a slim body!

Phone camera

The phone has a new shooting system. The phone’s camera includes 4 video cameras: main 108MP cameras, extra wide 8MP cameras, 2MP depth cameras and 2MP macro cameras. So, the camera of this phone can capture incredible details and of course beautiful shots.

You can also take portraits with this phone because the camera captures stunning beauty and allows you to see all the details. It also includes DI snapshot shooting – capturing fast moving objects: cars, birds, etc. You will be amazed when shooting in any lighting even at night. The night shooting mode will definitely surprise you – the shots will be incredible.

The main camera uses the latest 9 pixels in each technology to increase the pixel size to 2.1 m. The 1 / 1.52-inch sensor absorbs more light, which produces higher dynamic range and lower volume. Thanks to the powerful multi-shot blending algorithm, the rear square camera captures sharp photos at any time, even if you shoot day and night!

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If you like to take pictures of nature or plants, you will definitely like this camera because the camera can capture subjects up close. You can take shots at a distance of 4 cm.

When switching from portrait to landscape, the front camera automatically switches to ultra wide angle mode and incorporates everything you need without distortion. You can relax because of personalities – they will always succeed. Plus, you can copy personalities, full body photos or panoramic landscapes with a smart watch! Yes, the possibilities are endless.

As I mentioned without being able to take macro or ultra-wide angle shot, the phone can capture an amazing bokeh portrait even in low light. So good luck with your quest.

New – Super VLOG – A Creative VLOG Experience

The phone has continuous front / rear camera video recording, so let your imagination activate.

Of course, there is an invaluable opportunity – create your own stories with the Petal Clip app, which allows you to edit your recordings professionally. This app allows you to add music, write lyrics and write comments. You can add effects, change the speed or apply different filters. When editing videos, you can also add your own photos that you can find along with your videos in your infinite gallery with keywords. This will speed up the search for the required video and reduce your working hours.

From now on, you do not have to carry a computer – you can only edit and share all your videos on your social networks with this Huawei Nova 9 SE phone.

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Battery and charging

The 66W HUAWEI Supercharge technology built into this phone can charge the phone in a short time. As long as you drink coffee, you will be charged as much as you can to enjoy it again and stay at work. From 0% to 100%, the Huawei Nova 9 SE charges in just 38 minutes.

The HUAWEI Nova 9 SE has a sandwich-like graphene heat dissipation system that quickly detects and cools overheated areas so you can phone-work, watch your favorite shows and play games.

Smart connection

The new phone has smart connectivity. Open Control Panel, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and enable smart collaboration with Device +. It lets you watch movies on your tablet and listen to audio with FreeBuds headphones.

Get the files you need fast

With the new shared file system, you can instantly access your phone’s documents or photos from your laptop. Open, watch and enjoy communication with your devices without a cable.

Sales of the Huawei Nova 9 SE smartphone will begin in Lithuania in early April.


As I mentioned, the new phone has multiple advanced shooting features, so now let’s try out the shooting and shooting details and you will appreciate it.


However, I am amazed at the professionals who implement these innovations and technologies and will have excellent feedback from their clients as they move in the specific direction required for their daily activities. The new Huawei Nova 9 SE has more features, more comfort and more professionalism in our daily lives. It is left to rejoice, to gain, and to take full advantage.

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“Huawei nova 9SE” (ുവുവा നൂ നൂറ്റർर.)

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