Huawei has launched a global program to promote women developers

Huawei has launched a global program to promote women developers

09.03.2021 – 14:22

Huawei Technologies Germany GmbH

Shenzhen (ots)

The Huawei Women Developers (HWD) program was officially launched with the aim of enabling women developers to create applications and tools that can change the world. The program aims to encourage more women to engage in technological innovation by providing more opportunities and platforms for female participants for professional development and skill training. Any developer in the world can register for the program on the official HUAWEI Developers website.

In the digital age, Huawei said in a statement that more opportunities and support need to be created to ensure that women have access to education and training that are fundamentally competitive in the digital economy. Equipping women with these skills has been shown to promote social integration as well as holistic and diverse societies.

Katherine Chen, Huawei’s Senior Vice President, said: “We believe that women will lead the way in technological innovation.

The Huawei Women’s Developers Program is the latest initiative adopted by Huawei as part of its commitment to promote gender equality. The program provides participants with the opportunity to meet with experts in advanced technologies from a variety of fields to learn about technological innovations and career development paths, and to participate in practical and context-based experiments and exercises. Huawei plans to create a dedicated community for women developers and organize a series of online and offline events on the HUAWEI Developers Platform.

Through the existing Shining Star program, Huawei also offers special benefits to developers to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants in this program, which develops the best projects with the best potential, have the opportunity to participate in future campaigns and invite to other official official Huawei events.

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In the past, Huawei has successfully presented similar training programs for women in many countries, including Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa. More than 30% of participants in other Huawei ICT training programs such as B. “Seeds for the Future” are women.

The HUAWEI Women Developers Program is now available to women developers around the world. For more information, visit the official HUAWEI Developers website. Link:

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