Huawei: Conservation of Biodiversity on Lake Neusiedl through state-of-the-art technology

Huawei: Conservation of Biodiversity on Lake Neusiedl through state-of-the-art technology

Huawei Austria, University of Vienna, and New Zealander Sea – Sewinkel National Park support a research project and promote knowledge of conservation of the environment and wildlife.

Vienna Airport (OTS) Huawei Austria, University of Vienna and New Sidler Sea – Sewinkel National Park have now launched their joint TECH4ALL project. In collaboration with NGO Rainforest Connection (RFCX), Smart Technologies and Artificial Intelligence are now being used to research the biodiversity of Lake Reed Belt in New Zealand and to take appropriate protection measures from the effects. “We are a hotspot for biodiversity, and our biodiversity depends on a supportive mindset.DI Johannes Ehrenfeldner, Director of the National Park, explains that the two-year project will bring many benefits to Eurasia’s western Steppy Lake.

To conserve Austria’s vast biodiversity
The New Sidler Sea is not only the largest lake in Austria, but also home to some of the most unique flora and fauna. The project can improve the balance between reed belt management and environmental protection and improve the habitat of the area for humans and animals. “With the knowledge we have gained, we can take steps to combat climate change.” Christian H. from the Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research at the University of Vienna. Schulz adds: “Due to the changed hydrological dynamics of the lake, impacts can be expected not only on the condition of the reed belt but also on its biodiversity.

Throughout the project, research will be conducted throughout the year on the short-term and long-term effects of water level fluctuations on breeding bird species, as well as the importance of the reed belt to the fauna. Researchers are also investigating how different climates affect birds’ singing ability. “The effects of climate change are evident in areas around Lake Neusiedl“Says Astrid Eisenkoff, deputy governor of the province of Bergenland.”We hope the Joint TECH4ALL project will provide new insights into environmental protection and biodiversity. These help us to keep the area suitable for the population.

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For the project, more than 70 devices were set up in the Reed Belt to record background sound. Some devices save the recordings for further analysis, while others are called Nature Guardian and connect directly to the wireless network. The Nature Guardian is a sound surveillance system that adds a new dimension to research, as it can continuously collect sound data in different locations regardless of weather and time of day. Nature Guardian data is transmitted remotely and live via Magenta’s wireless network, one of Austria’s best networks. This faster and less aggressive approach not only saves researchers a lot of time, but also does not affect the animal habitat.

Willie Song, Chairman of Huawei Technologies for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia, explains the technology in detail: “The biggest advantage is that the sound of birds and amphibians can be transmitted through the cellular network, which saves scientists a lot of time and reduces the impact on animals. In addition, it is very difficult for researchers in this particular field to gain access to the study.

Technology and artificial intelligence in nature
From positive impact on society to nature conservation projects: Technology plays an important role in many areas and contributes significantly to change. Lake Neusiedl is Huawei’s first TECH4ALL project in Austria. In conjunction with the NGO Rainforest Connection, Huawei is already working on a number of international projects: monitoring and conserving whales off the coast of Ireland, and Huawei is committed to protecting the endangered Darwin fox in Chilean forests. “Austria has an incredible and untouchable habitat and great biodiversity. It is a great pleasure to be able to finally implement a project in this beautiful country with great partners“Says Chrissy Durkin, Director of International Expansion at Rainforest Connection.”Partnerships with large technology companies such as Huawei enable us to carry out research projects that are not possible without this expertise.

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