How Ursula von der Lane fired his trade commissioner – Liberation

How Ursula von der Lane fired his trade commissioner - Liberation


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In August 2020, the commission’s president fired then-European Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan for failing to comply with health laws. He always denied it. Although justice eventually gives him a reason, he returns to “liberation” in the chronology of events and denounces a political issue.

This is a great blow that Irish justice has now inflicted on Ursula von der Lane. On February 3, Judge Mary Fahl of the County Court of Galway (Western Ireland) cleared the case of a gala dinner held on 19 August 2020, contrary to the claims of the Irish Government, and ruled that no health laws had been violated. At the same time, Phil Hogan, the then Irish Trade Commissioner, attended. The problem is that the president of the commission did not wait for justice: despite the presumption of innocence, the allegations of the Irish government were taken at face value, and on August 27, 2020, she was innocently expelled. As clearly stated by the Irish Magistrate, “Organizers, in collaboration with the owners [de l’hôtel], Did everything they could to follow the rules. In my opinion, they did. Not in the court of public opinion, but in the court of law. ”

At the very least, it’s a shame to say that a commission that claims to uphold the rule of law in Europe. Although Judge Fahi regretted it “Very good people [aient] I lost a good job “ In this fake incident, Ursula von der Lane refused to apologize to her former commissioner through the voice of her spokesperson. Release I could see Phil Hoga in particular …

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