How to watch videos with screen locked


YouTube Is one of the most used apps Internet Globally, there are millions of users who log on to the platform daily to tune in to its content, and thousands of users who collaborate by creating and uploading exclusive material for the platform.

With such a large app, the content offer is very extensive and suitable for all audiences. Videos Music, information, education or entertainment. At no cost and without subscription, you can enter a page from your browser or download an app from our Operating System and Voila store, enjoy the content of our interest in seconds, which has been the focus of public attention for over a decade.

However, it also has annoying details before and after each playback, such as the ads it throws at us or the inability to enjoy it. Videos Without turning on the screen or using any other application. The good news is that there is a way Watch videos of YouTube Screen locked, It is very easy to achieve. Inside today Techbit We tell you what steps you need to take.

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How to watch YouTube videos in the background

“You may have already heard of it.”YouTube Premium ”, is an extension of the page, which includes the ability to tune in to ads-free videos, with a background and screen lock. The downside is that you need a subscription that includes a monthly payment to access these updates. The advantage is that it is not the only alternative. Here’s how to do it.

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Install an extension

This option is intended for mobile devices because it can be used YouTube Pay attention to the content in the background even when you are not on the page. It’s completely practical and safe, and it only takes a few minutes.

1. Search for “Brave Browser Sir” in your operating system store and download the application (as each application requires certain permissions, you should consider them).

2. When you open it, it will show a home page similar to the most common browser browsers.

3. Go to the settings menu located at the bottom right. You can identify it as a nut icon or three vertical points depending on your mobile.

4. Click on the Settings section, which then displays a menu of different actions.

5. Select “Background Playback” and activate that option.

6. Next you need to restart the application.

7. Once restarted, you must pay YouTube Search for content of your preference.

The first thing you notice is that no ads appear Video It will charge faster than usual and then lock your phone or use it in the background without interrupting playback.

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This trick is useful not only for videos YouTube With Lock screenTo. Additionally, this application may be enabled for other issues. Some of them are its functionality as adblocker, which allows you to visit pages without pop-ups, ads or unwanted extensions. In addition to disturbing, sometimes your privacy is at risk.

Although there are other apps, before installing them on your cell phone, we recommend that you check that they have been verified by the store and that they have good reviews from previously used users. This will save you time and prevent you from having to download apps that compromise your data.

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