How to vote for President from Ireland?

How to vote for President from Ireland?

Two rounds of the French presidential election will take place on Sunday, April 10, 24, 2022. But the deadline to apply for the Power of Attorney and register on consular electoral rolls is March 4. So, what steps should expatriates in Ireland take to vote?

Presidential election is approaching! With just weeks to go before the election, it’s time to consider the voting arrangements for all those coming to Ireland in one or two rounds next April.

Register in the selection list

The first question to ask at these stages is: On which electoral list am I registered? The answer can be found in a few clicks Site Of public service. Then there are several options. If you are registered with the Electoral Lists in France, you may choose to register in Ireland, but be careful, this implies unsubscribing from French lists. If this continues to be your choice, the procedure can be facilitated by registering with the Register of French People Living Around France. Let’s do the process Line.

If you are registered on the Irish Electoral List, in this case you will have to wait a few weeks before the election to receive a summons by post or e-mail. The coordinates of the polling station will then be indicated.

Where to vote? Where to make a Power of Attorney?

Dublin residents have no problem: four offices will be open for the occasion. Residents of other Irish cities, on the other hand, need to move. In the case of Cork, for example, a Petition The polling station was started to remain open during the election.

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In Ireland, but to allow French people living outside the capital to vote, A Facebook group And have been implemented. It connects these French people with the people living in Dublin. The goal is to get as many expats as possible to vote through proxies. One form is available to applicants for one proxy, the other for voting in Dublin and can take up to three proxies.

In my case, that is, for those who have been established in Ireland for a short time, it is possible to choose a Power of Attorney in France. This process can be done quickly Line. By selecting “You must create a Power of Attorney Abroad” and “Voting in France”, you only need to enter your personal data and the data of the person voting for you from France. Then several options are possible: a power of attorney given the first round, the second or both. The final step, once you have completed the forms, is to go directly to the Embassy or the Honorary Consul. Their offices are open in Galway, Limerick and Cork. In the case of Dublin, the French Embassy opens its doors from Monday to Friday from 2pm to 3pm without making an appointment. All you have to do is present an identity document with the proxy request number on the site.

Other procedures at the French Embassy

The French Embassy allows French expatriates to perform a number of administrative procedures. First request or renewal of passport and proof of identity … the same refrain every time: you have to make an appointment. There, the transition to a better strategist is essential. Lastly we can say that the rule is very simple, but if someone wants to get famous sesame do not ignore it: an appointment with the embassy. The secret? Login to the site Diplomacy of France 11 o’clock, one more minute. The flawless technique that allowed me to get an appointment on the first try: Connect to the page a few minutes ago, set the time and refresh the page at 11pm.

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Fluorine Amenta

Florin Amanta lives in Dublin, and regularly sends us vignettes of her life in the Irish capital. In her twenties, an interview with an American actress who graduated from the School of Journalism inspired her to go abroad: she found her English was very poor and she went to improve it. So, with the greatest luck, Dublin came to him.


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