How To Use New WhatsApp Service On Your Android Phone

How To Use New WhatsApp Service On Your Android Phone

Today, the app has passed millions of usersAFamous for the hard day, especially after the sudden failure of many applications, its application is known A WhatsApp is one of the messaging apps that many people want to use to chat with anyone in the world by registering on their mobile device.


A new way to use the WhatsApp app on another phone

The “sundayvision” website, which specializes in publishing technical reports on application glitches, has been published, and because it uses WhatsApp, you can send photos, videos, GIF animated files, and word or PDF documents as well as all kinds of multimedia content. Additionally, you can browse your conversations on WhatsApp from another cell phone with a simple trick.

How To Use New WhatsApp Service On Your Android Phone

We will review for you how to use your account on another mobile phone, to keep your account on your computer, while using your account on one computer, you can do this via WhatsApp Web. Conversations through a device other than your main device, you can at this time:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, the popular web browser.

Step 2: You need to click on the three dots in the top corner of the browser.

Step 3: After that, you need to select “View as desktop” from the menu that appears on Android phones or from “Request a site for computers” on iPhones.

Step 4: Refresh the ChromeGoogle page, then type WhatsApp Web into the address bar.

Step Five: This step is very important to follow its details, as you usually need to scan the QR code when you log in via computer, and then you can see more of your conversations on WhatsApp via cell phone and chat as usual on WhatsApp.

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