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How to use adventive play in a casino

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No decent casino will tolerate cheaters within its walls. Off-line clubs and virtual establishments will not hesitate to kick out professional cheats and do not leave visitors who break the rules negligently without punishment. But gambling operators do not only fight blatant scammers. Often they also go after pragmatic customers who use their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to beat the casino as often as possible. They are accused of adventive play. What’s an adventive play — answers BestAuCasinosOnline.

What is an adventive play?

Adventive play is a set of legal methods by which a customer obtains a mathematical advantage over an institution.

Note that we are talking specifically about methods that are not actually against the law. Swapped cards, loaded dice, deck switching and other cheat tricks also help you win, but it’s cheating.

Adventive play refers to a customer’s ability to take advantage of certain rules, flaws in the dealer, flaws in the bonus program, and other features of the club to take advantage of them. Taking advantage of an online casino is very easy. With a resource like, you can take all the stress out of your search for the best and most rewarding bonus to save your precious time.

A classic example of adventive gambling is card counting in blackjack. The counters cannot be sued or put behind bars, so the operators create intolerable conditions for them or simply kick them out of the casino, citing internal rules.

Of course, professionals are not limited to blackjack. To one degree or another, the principles of gambling can be successfully applied to many other games of chance: poker, video poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, and even slot machines.

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Moreover, they also benefit from loyalty programmes, cashback systems, prize draws and other promotions. They do not neglect the free services offered to regular users.

Basic concepts of adventive gambling

Almost all newest online casinos Australia has a house edge. This figure is presented in different models in a very wide range. For example, in some video poker games it’s 0.1%, European roulette — 2.7%, and in craps it may exceed 15%.

Mathematical superiority shows what part of bets a client loses on an infinitely long stretch. So the longer you play European Roulette the closer your losses will be to 2.7% of your total bets.

Adventive gamblers choose models with a minimum casino advantage, and then use various tricks that allow them not only to get rid of it, but even to come out in the black. In other words, they do everything they can to make sure the return to player (RTP) exceeds 100%.

For example, basic strategy and card counting make this possible in offline blackjack. In some models of video poker, an optimal strategy is enough to get the RTP above 100%.

Sometimes the rules don’t allow you to gain a mathematical edge over the casino, but skillful use of the establishment’s bonus policy allows you to make a living playing the game.

Psychological aspects and other features

It is important to realise that adventurous players do not always stay on the plus side. A single session can be unsuccessful even for the most skilled and experienced client. Professionals are looking for the long haul, which is why it is important for them to have the following qualities:

  • Patience;
  • Attention;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Effortlessness;
  • Stamina, etc.
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They shouldn’t lose their temper, get distracted or drink too much alcohol. They don’t have time to sweet-talk their tablemates, as mistakes can come at too high a price. However, in an attempt to pass themselves off as a regular customer, many craftsmen do not shy away from talking to other visitors.

You must also have a good supply of money. A large bankroll allows you to wait out black bars, and they are inevitable. If the financial situation of the adventive player leaves much to be desired, he lowers bets, so as not to finally go bankrupt.

Adventive slot machines

Most slots are not suitable for adventurous play because the RTP is too low. You have to admit that 95%, 96% or even 97% is very low. To deprive the casino mathematical advantage inherent in the machines is not possible. Neither betting systems nor other tricks of this kind do not reduce the theoretical return.

However, online casino slot machines have a serious advantage. They are usually subject to all promotions (although you need to specify this point in each case).

  • On slots you can wagering bonuses;
  • Comp points are awarded on them;
  • They provide freespins and so on;
  • Free slot tournaments are not uncommon in online gambling either.

It turns out that an experienced player can at least partially compensate for the superiority of the institution, taking advantage of such privileges.

Slot machines with progressive jackpots should be mentioned separately. As the cumulative amount increases, the casino’s advantage decreases. At some point, the RTP may exceed 100%. Adventive players also take advantage of this.

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A comprehensive approach to adventive play

From the experience of thousands of players, it is clear that all available measures used in combination work best. You have to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce the casino’s mathematical advantage and take advantage of the house’s offerings in some additional way.

Improve in your chosen game, but don’t get stuck in one direction. The most successful customers are constantly looking for weaknesses in the casino and do not hesitate to strike at them.

Jean Scott has learned how to make money from loyalty programmes. Peter Liston has mastered playing progressive slots. Stanford Wong has unscrupulously taken advantage of the inflated odds on the sic bo table at Grand Casino.


Being a professional player is difficult, but the basic principles of the adventive play should be embraced. If you don’t want to do that, ask yourself:

Why risk your money on slots with a low RTP when you can choose models with much higher returns?

Why not learn to distinguish between useless promotions and lucrative bonuses?

Isn’t it worthwhile to understand the basics of bankroll management?

The prudent players is not afraid to ask themselves such questions and strives to find detailed answers to them.

We also review online casinos for casino players from Canada, so you can check BestAuCasinosOnline.

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