How to study abroad with ENEM grade?

How to study abroad with ENEM grade?

Study Abroad with ENEM: Is It Possible?

Did you know that you can enter universities abroad with your ENEM (National High School Exam) grade?

That’s right! If your desire is to study abroad, know that it will be easier than you think.

To help you, today’s article brought you some very important information about applying to foreign universities with ENEM grade. check out!

Study Abroad with ENEM: Introduction

Many foreign universities recognize the ENEM grade in different ways Application of Brazilian students.

Among the countries that accept the use of ENEM, we can mention: United States, Portugal, England, Ireland and Poland.

Below we are going to examine some very important information about the performance of the application process in some of the countries mentioned and their ENEM score performance.

ENEM: Study Abroad with the United States

Did you know that some American universities accept ENEM grades?

That’s right! The New York University It has Temple University They are the two US institutions that accept the exam.

However, keep in mind that the ENEM score is only used as part of your application and is not sufficient for recognition. Therefore, essays (which can be used with many other important elements)Essays) And grades from school.

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ENEM: Study Abroad with Portugal

More than thirty Portuguese universities accept the ENEM test. However, it is important to note that you must have taken the exam for more than 3 years to enter the institution.

Remember, if you want to use the ENEM grade to apply, in addition to your Brazilian or European citizenship, you must relinquish the rights that it gives you at the university. This is because the ENEM could not be used by Portuguese institutions to apply as a citizen of the European Union.

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ENEM: Study Abroad with England

There are several institutions in England that accept the grade of the National High School Exam. Among them, we can mention: University of Bristol, Kingston University e University of Oxford.

Keep in mind, however, that English colleges are also requesting Achievement of Local Entrance Examination. In addition, we must point out that the ENEM grade is not sufficient for acceptance at these institutions: English proficiency grade, academic records, and other aspects such as extracurricular activities may accompany this.

ENEM: Study Abroad with Ireland

Some universities in Ireland accept the ENEM grade. However, we should point out that there are specific criteria for institutions in that country to use the exam grade. At University College Cork, For example, you must have completed your first year at a university and earned an average of at least 7.

ENEM: Study Abroad Using Poland

The ENEM score can be used in the application process for Polish universities. The Jagiolonian University, For example, it is one of the institutions that can use the exam as part of the application for degree courses.

It is worth noting that your ENEM grade will be evaluated along with criteria such as high school grades, extracurricular activities, and English proficiency grade.

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