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If you want to continue stealing iPhone, standby video recording, or video recording on black screen, you can download a third party background video app through the App Store, but there are many free restrictions, payment is very expensive, should the screen always be on fast?

Wants to achieveIPhone standby recording / Secret video,iOS lock screen recordingNo need to install function, app or jailbreak, the built-in camera of the iPhone can detect the secret recording function so that the iPhone can continue recording in the background even when the iPhone is turned off and the screen is not displayed. Is black. This will enable the stealth video function to protect itself. This article will teach you how to achieve it.

How to set up iPhone screen to turn off secret video recording?

If you want to know that the camera app continues to secretly record in the background when the iPhone screen does not open, you need to enable the help of VoiceOver before you can get it, first set the help utility shortcut keys below. . (iOS 15 or newer only)

to iOS “Setting“Click”Auxiliary useSwipe down to sign in “Accessibility Shortcut Keys”.

How To Set Up iPhone Screen To Turn Off Secret Video Recording

WillTriple-tap the iPhone side button to assist with the shortcut keysChange “Description“, Note that only the narrative in particular can be set.

How To Set Up Secret Video Recording When iPhone Turns Off 1

when When you close the screen to steal a video, the iPhone will make a description soundYou can first slide from the iPhone Control Center screen,Volume“Slide down and cut”Mute”.

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Secret Secret Video Recording 2 How To Turn Off The iPhone Screen

How to enable iPhone standby secret recording function?

Next, you can start performing the iPhone standby recording function in the following steps:

  • Open the built-in iPhone “Camera” App
  • Switch toVideo mode”, Press the iPhone recording function key to start recording.

How To Turn On The Secret Recording Function Of iPhone Standby

When the iPhone starts recording, pressing the “Side Power Button” three times will enable VoiceOver mode. (If you still do not know how to use the blind gesture touch control after triggering the narration, use Hey Siri to close the narrative so that the entire screen cannot be touched and it will return to normal.)

How to turn on secret recording functionality on iPhone standby1

In narrative mode, to close the recording screen, just touch three times on the central block of the iPhone screen with three hands, the screen will turn off, this part will have to be tried several times, and sometimes it will not be black screen mode. Logged in.

If the PS sound is not turned off, Siri will hear you say that the narration is on. , Voice prompt sound will be turned off.

How To Turn On The Secret Recording Function Of iPhone Standby 2

Finally, if you want to display the iPhone recording screen, press three times “Side Power Button”, The original iPhone recording screen will be displayed, and you can tap on the screen to close the recording.

How To Turn On The Secret Recording Function Of iPhone Standby 2

Narrative Mode When the recording level is set to a black screen and the iPhone starts recording, press the “Side Power Button” three times, the iPhone screen will turn off instantly, and iOS secret recording or iPhone standby / lock screen recording function.

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How To Turn On The Secret Recording Function Of iPhone Standby 1

How can I make sure I continue recording? If you look closely, there will be a green light at the top of the screen, which means that the iPhone continues to record in the background, but the screen does not display video screen. (Click me to see privacy light tips and tricks)

The video function that steals the original iPhone is mainly identified by its narrative support function, which can be used regardless of system errors (bugs), old and newer iOS versions.

The iPhone screen can be turned off during video recording, mainly because visually impaired friends use their hearing to control video recording, so when the iPhone starts recording video, the screen will automatically turn off and continue saving background recording power.

Summary of iPhone Secret Recording Features

After learning this trick iPhone secret recording, you can easily understand iOS standby lock screen recording function without breaking jail and installing third party apps. The recording process will not be interrupted immediately, and the iPhone black screen will not be noticed by others.

However, it should be remembered that this function is not intended to secretly capture images of crime, mainly because some users want to record cloud shooting records, activities, or fishing with their iPhone. Long-term recording is required. This method can be used to turn off the iPhone. Continuing to record video on the screen is very convenient and saves power.

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