How to send international shipments cheaper?

If you need to send an international shipment, ocean shipping is a cheap way to do it. Ocean shipping is the process of sending goods by ship from one country to another. It is a slower method of shipping than air freight, but it is much less expensive.

When choosing ocean shipping, you have two main options: container shipping and bulk shipping. Container shipping is more expensive than bulk shipping, but it is also faster and more reliable.

Bulk shipping is a cheaper option, but it is slower, and there is a greater chance that your goods will be damaged during transit. Before choosing a shipping method, you should consider the size and value of your shipment, as well as the time frame in which you need it to arrive.

Other option is that you can choose Eco parcel. is one of the leading providers of eco-friendly shipping solutions in Europe. The company offers a wide range of services that are designed to be cost-effective and efficient. specializes in handling shipments of all types, including bulky and sensitive items. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the latest shipping methods and technologies.

As a result, is able to provide its clients with the best possible service at the most competitive rates. In addition, offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

Moreover, Ecoparcel is one such company that works with some of the most trusted courier services in Europe in order to provide its customers with reliable and eco-friendly shipping options.

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In addition to working with sustainable partners, Ecoparcel also offers customer-friendly features such as tracking numbers for every package shipped, real-time order status updates, and a hassle-free returns process.

With its focus on environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction, Ecoparcel is quickly becoming one of the most popular courier services in Europe. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality service possible. Choose Ecoparcel services for your next shipment to ensure that it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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